Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Obama on Wright - Wright on Socialism

This post expresses my opinion held from the beginning of the pre-election cycle about Obama. His policies have consistently come from a GD America point of view. Whoever doubted that this was his intent from the beginning to take down our country was asleep or foolishly misguided.

Original Post 7-1-10...

A 1995 video in which Barack Obama praises his "wonderful" pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the "best of the black church."

On September 17, 2009, U.S. socialist magazine Monthly Review celebrated its 60th anniversary at the New York Society for Ethical Culture in New York City.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, praises the publication for its "no nonsense Marxism."

Obama sat in this man's Marxist church for 20 years, listening to socialist sermons and he didn't even notice?

Either Obama is a liar or he is a fool.

Neither possiblity qualifies him to lead what's left of the free world.

Gov. Chris Christie calls for Republican Party rebranding

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday in an interview with POLITICO outlined a path for the GOP to rebrand as the party keeping "our eye on the cash register,” while also praising some Democrats for taking the right approach to tackling major issues like education.

Asked over a breakfast of eggs with cream cheese, scallion and whole wheat toast– but no coffee, which he steers clear of – what he thought Republicans should run on, Christie suggested charting a course of fiscal conservatism.

“They should be talking about treating people like adults and telling them the truth: we’re in huge trouble,” he said. “And it’s going to mean cutting back on a lot of things that folks either have become used to or in a perfect world would like to have.”

Christie’s budget cleared after a legislative battle in which he won the bare minimum of Democratic votes he needed to get it through. Now, he’s calling back the legislature to focus on his 2.5 percent property tax cap proposal, which he’d like to see put on the ballot this fall – a move that requires lawmakers’ approval.Read more: