Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kowabunga...Karmageddon...Wikileaks is Dumping


Patriot Act for Internet Ahead?

Russia Today: As a result of WikiLeaks, the Obama Administration may introduce a new bill that would allow government officials the ability to spy on Americans through the internet. Meanwhile, an army of hackers rally behind WikiLeaks by shutting down MasterCard and PayPal because they stopped all payments to WikiLeaks. Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen says we could see massive government surveillance of our personal computers, phones and surveillance of our internet activities. Read More

O's 'Wild' rant-some note hits Left, Right...Obama's Venom

December 08, 2010
Obama lashes out at friend and foe

I think John Podhoretz hit it right on the money: he called the president's press conference yesterday, "one of the most bizarre political events of my lifetime."

Somehow, I don't think the Democrats disenchanted by his policy choices over the past couple of days are going to be in a coronating mood after Obama furiously upbraided them in ad hominem language of a kind we may never before have heard from a president.Had he followed their counsel and refused to deal with the GOP, he said, "We [would] be able to feel good about ourselves, and sanctimonious about how pure our intentions are and how tough we are." Read More

John Podhoretz
December 8, 2010

At his press conference yesterday afternoon, President Obama took himself off in a little boat and went to where the Wild Things are. Read More

RealClearPolitics - Video - Obama To Fellow Democrats: We Can Not Be "Sanctimonious"