Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Off to a Bad Start

December 01, 2010
Off to a Bad Start
K.E. Campbell

Less than a month has passed since the mid-term elections and the early signs emanating from Washington don't bode well for the future of our freedom. The ruling class is still firmly entrenched and is seemingly oblivious to the message sent by the people on November 2. Corrupted by power, the two parties comprising the ruling class apparently still differ only in "the rates at which they are willing to usurp additional power."

American Thinker Blog Off to a Bad Start

Watchdog Probes DHS Spying on Drudge

FOIA request investigates whether critics of TSA are being listed as domestic extremists

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Freedom of Information Act request filed by former Congressman Bob Barr seeks to discover whether the Department of Homeland Security has been keeping tabs on the Drudge Report and other prominent media outlets who have spearheaded a nationwide revolt against invasive TSA airport security measures. Read More

The Danger of a Global Double Dip Recession Is Real - US News and World Report

The deficits we face are a dagger pointing at the heart of the American economy
By Mortimer B. Zuckerman
Posted: November 29, 2010

Myopic self-indulgence.  It is nearly a century since that gloomy German mathematician and philosopher Oswald Spengler published his 1918 classic The Decline of the West

His thesis was that civilizations had an underlying trajectory, an organic rise and fall; his metaphor was to compare the stages of this process to the stages of our seasons—but seasons of many centuries. In the 19th century we were, he suggested, in the winter of the West, witnessing the triumph of materialism, socialism, and money and that the era of individualism, liberty, and humanitarianism was nearing its end.

Among Spengler's convictions was that money, instead of serving mankind, would betray the Western civilization as it had others—and money in politics and media especially.

Demography is destiny. As a result, there is a burgeoning consensus that we are witnessing an inevitable rise of the East and a decline of the West.

The Danger of a Global Double Dip Recession Is Real - US News and World Report