Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Left's Heart of Darkness


January 7, 2012

By Bruce Walker
American Thinker

On January 2, Alan Colmes on Fox News mocked presidential hopeful Rick Santorum and Santorum's wife for bringing their critically ill newborn son, Gabriel, into the world and then bringing him home. Gabriel died 16 years ago, and Karen Santorum wrote a heartrending book, Letters to Gabriel, which describes how the couple dealt with the grief of his death. Mother Teresa wrote the foreword for the book.

Although Colmes has quickly retreated from his remarks, his crudeness shows how the left really thinks. When Sarah Palin brings Trig, a child with Down Syndrome, into the world, and he is cherished and loved, the left spins its head -- why not just waste the kid before he was born? This mockery did not end with the 2008 campaign: Family Guy in 2010 made fun of Trig, and in April, another leftist goon mocked the young child on his third birthday. The left's heart of darkness is so dreadful that appalling bile seems normal to its minions until normal, moral people object.

Less noticed in the Fox News interview is Colmes's statement that Santorum is crazy also because he thinks that consensual sex between unmarried people is wrong. What offends Colmes and the left seems to be adherence to the traditional moral values of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and most of the world's historic metaphysical value systems. Santorum has not said that fornication is as great a sin as adultery, but he believes that sex should be confined within a marriage.
Does the left grasp just how much human misery it has caused by promoting the chic fashion of promiscuity? Do its disciples not grasp the horrors of the sexual revolution -- the millions of abortions, huge subsets of America's babies born out of wedlock, a huge rise in sexually transmitted diseases, and the general collapse of the nuclear family? Read More

Federal Protective Service

January 7, 2011
By Michael J. Bruning

Although they claim to have been around for 40 years, I have never heard of this “paramilitary” quasi-law enforcement” organization, the Federal Protective Service, until I saw a recent article that describes the agency performing some kind of training raid around a Social Security office in rural America.

The claim is that they provide security and protective services for over 9,000 federally owned or leased properties with a FPS force of some 900 personnel and over 15,000 “contracted” rent a cops, along with several thousand other staffers for a sum total of 20,000 career and quasi career federal employees. It is indeed ironic as to just how many “federal law enforcement” personnel exists – outside of the normal parameters of law enforcement. We all know the FBI, Secret Service, VA Police, Postal Agents, DEA, U.S. Marshal Service, Capital Police, TSA Agents, Border Patrol, ICE and a host of others, but this revelation that there is such a thing as the Federal Protective Service begs the question as to just how many American citizens owe their allegiance to the political decisions of the day, rather than to the American people? In addition to all of these “civilian” law enforcement personnel, remember that we also have a veritable list of American citizens who serve in the military and whose job it is to enforce federal law in their capacity as military police, etc. Such an over-lapping of law enforcement duties can not be ignored, nor can the fact that we entered upon this slippery slope with the Patriot Acts I and II and more recently, the unconstitutional Bill of Rights destroyer, the National Defense Act of 2011/2012. Indeed, we should be very worried about our future as American citizens and more importantly, the continuation of our freedom and liberty as a people and as a Republic.

I find all of the activity by the past half-dozen presidents, a worthless and corrupt congress and a blatantly lame and sadistic judiciary to be the blame for what we see and have today. Likewise, and to a great extent, an uneducated, illiterate, ignorant and severely apathetic electorate need to take the blame for electing and re-electing these same jackals, time and time again.  Read More