Saturday, November 13, 2010

Obama to be a ONE TERMER?

Ulster Man

BOOM!!!!!! Ok, this was to come out right before the midterms, but it appears they held off until just after. Democrats calling on Obama to be a ONE TERMER. Another Insider prediction comes to pass folks...

One and done: To be a great president, Obama should not seek reelection in 2012

President Obama must decide now how he wants to govern in the two years leading up to the 2012 presidential election.

Remembering Maui

Lahaina Afternoon

Maui artist, Jim KIngwell has painted oil and watercolor for over 35 years. His plein air and studio paintings capturing the romantic realism, provide collectors with originals limited-edition fine art prints and posters.

The following is a post found on the internet: The Maui I loved then and still do today.

Remember when . . . ?
Going for a shave ice at Suda Store meant bouncing along a rutted road through parched, kiawe-dotted hillsides (but you could see the beach all the way along South Kihei Road?) . . . sipping a Paradise Fruit smoothie at the beach, watching the T-Shirt Factory’s plane trail its banner . . . camping just about anywhere without a permit? Cruising over the Pali to Lahaina before they chicken-wired the cliffs . . . sugar cane in West Maui . . . the biplane on the ceiling of the Blue Max—where you could count on great rock-n-roll . . . riding the first escalator on West Maui to the third floor of The Wharf for coffee and a stroll through the book stacks at The Upstart Crow . . . listening to live jazz at Blackie’s on Sunday, or packing the Royal Lahaina Tennis Garden for a concert . . . Captain Kenny pushing his mobile art gallery/shopping cart down Front Street? Watching a crater sunrise almost all alone . . . horses hitched outside a Makawao tack shop . . . not once getting stuck behind a bicycle tour on Baldwin Avenue? Going to the County Fair at the Old Fair Grounds in Kahului (and seeing Liz Janes as “dressy Tessie Tura” (or was it “Miss Mazeppa”?) in Maui Community Theater’s production of Gypsy in the old Territorial Building) . . . Charthouse mud pie . . . free parking at Kahului Airport, where a banyan tree grew in the middle of the terminal, and you could ride a glass elevator one flight up to the airport lounge . . . watching the uncles and tutus play checkers under the monkey pod trees at Kahului Shopping Center . . . the soda fountain at Toda Drugs . . . when the only movie theater screened Home Alone for a month . . . MNKO’s publisher was a waitress at Apple Annie’s? Walking past the Kress Store in Wailuku and smelling the colored popcorn popping . . . getting exactly the cut you wanted from the butcher counter at Mike’s Market . . . craning your neck to look at Maui’s first skyscraper, the Wailuku Hotel (where Maui Medical Group now resides) . . . knowing it was Friday because all the office ladies were wearing mu‘u mu‘u . . . reading The Maui Sun . . . redeeming your Gold Bond Stamps . . . peeking into Hamburger Mary’s? Driving your truck onto Kanaha Beach to collect seaweed for the garden . . . seeing smoke and steam rise from Pa‘ia Sugar Mill (and the yellow crop-duster plane executing aerial acrobatics) . . . getting to Hana took forever because of potholes and unpaved road, not caravans of cars . . . and Linda Lingle was a reporter for The Molokai Free Press?