Sunday, March 13, 2011

NEA is the single largest political donor in America today

Democrats Scramble To Save Their #1 Donor – The Teachers

March 13, 2011
By J.B. Williams

America’s BIGGEST political donor is not corporate America, bankers, Insurers or Wall Street. It is the National Education Association, which gave over $56 million in campaign donations in the election cycle 2008 alone, and American Federation of Teachers, which gave over $12 million in 2008. Combined, these two teachers unions gave over $68 million in 2008, ALL of it to Democrats.

Still trying to figure out why Democrats are desperate to save the public sector unions?

Democrats scramble to prop up public sector unions not on behalf of teachers or students, but rather on their own behalf, as the NEA is the single largest political donor in America today and they give almost 100% to DEMOCRATS! In short, without millions in campaign funding from the national teachers union, teachers would be better off, but Democrats would be in DEEP trouble!  Read More

Bowing Down To The Omnipotent Government

Are You A Sovereign, Or Just Property Of The State?

"That’s right! You have been bowing down to government every day of your life and if you will look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth, you know it to be a fact. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s disgusting. You are not a sovereign. You are just a happy slave."

March 13, 2011
By Ron Ewart

”What?” you say? You aren’t going to bow down to anybody! Really. We hate to be the one to inform you, but you are too late! You already have bowed down and you have been showing your posterior to the government every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month and every year, for more than a century. You just don’t know that you are doing it. That is because you don’t know the “blueprint for freedom” and you also don’t know that the government has been savaging that blueprint since the ink was barely dry on the Constitution. Why has government been breaking the rules? To gain more power over the masses until they hold absolute power. That’s what governments do, unless they are held in check by limits and by the people. When push comes to shove, in their distorted minds, you are dumb and ignorant and you don’t deserve to rule yourself. Smarter people than you know what is best for you, and, by God, they will shove it down your throat no matter how loud you scream.

Now, we have our leaders forcing us all to bow as a nation to the rest of the world so that they will “like” us. The rest of the world, especially our enemies, laugh at us and our naked weakness. Obama’s appeasing, bowing, ineptitude and lack of leadership is disgusting. It makes this author want to lose his lunch on a daily basis.  Read More

The Retaking of America

And What You Can Do To Help

March 12, 2011
By John Sutherland

That our country and its federal government have been taken over by anti-American and unlawful forces should no longer be a surprise to anyone who has been alert and who has been paying attention to current events. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has a brilliant interview in which he points out many of the destructive activities that have occurred and are still occurring to the detriment of our country by members of our own government.[1] As Dr. Roberts so clearly points out, our government no longer believes it is answerable to our laws or to our people, and this attitude, being observed as it is by the people, causes great stress among all of us. In our country, the people have always supported the government, but we must now observe that our government is treating us as its enemy through the use of denial of justice for the people, the militarizing of the community police, the double standard of the executive branch whereby government figures no longer feel required to obey our laws, the use of totalitarian techniques to deny the God given rights that were once supported by government, the rapid destruction of our economy and our money system, etc. The government no longer serves the people – it controls the people. A careful re-read of our own Declaration of Independence,[2] or the South Carolina Declaration of Causes,[3] shows us that we are today faced with the same tyranny we complained about just prior to our first War for Independence and our War Between the States. However, this time around, and for a second time in our history, our enemy is not 3,325 miles away – it is on our own shores, in Washington, DC.  Read More