Monday, November 14, 2011

Freedom alert: "Occupy" protests may turn violent, followed by reactionary decline into martial law

November 14, 2011

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

The signs of escalation are unmistakable. In Oakland, Portland, St. Louis, New York, Denver and other cities, local authorities have begun a "crackdown" on Occupy protesters. A woman was raped at Occupy Philadelphia (, and is now reporting:

"Labor organizers and community activists -- including the husband of Mayor Jean Quan -- are engaged in a desperate behind-the-scenes effort to prevent a violent showdown between police and protesters at the Occupy Oakland encampment." (

In Oakland, the city issued a cease and desist order for protesters to clear out, and similar declarations are being heard at other cities such as New York. But it's obvious from the talk and demeanor of the protesters that many aren't going to leave, no matter what!

While this alone might already be a recipe for violence, there's the far more concerning reality of undercover agent provocateurs who work for the government and who are hired to stir up violence! We've seen this over and over again, where government agents use persuasion engineering tactics to try to convince innocent protesters to throw pipe bombs, for example, or hurl rocks at windows and unleash a wave a violence.

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Geoengineering: Our Environment Under Attack

The greatest public health threat can no longer be denied

November 14, 2011

By Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

The fact that the planet is being bombarded with chemicals from high-altitude spraying as part of numerous geoengineering programs being conducted by U.S. government agencies and universities that have been approved with no oversight whatsoever can no longer be denied.

The re-classification of global warming, a highly contentious and often scientifically fraudulent pseudo-science, as a “national security threat” has been exploited by governments as an excuse to play God, green lighting secret experiments on a massive scale that carry innumerable dangers to humans and their environment.

However, now that increasing awareness of geoengineering as a result of the chemtrails phenomenon has propagated widely, authorities are slowly being forced to disclose certain aspects of the program. We are now not far away from full disclosure of the true extent of geoengineering experimentation.

Scientists now admit that vapor trails from aeroplanes are creating “artificial clouds” that block out the sun. This is no longer a matter of debate. The chemtrail “conspiracy theorists” were proven correct.
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Washington is DISGUSTING!

November 13, 2011

How The U.S. Will Become A Third World Country-Part 1

November 13, 2011
By Brandon Smith

This article was written by Ron Hera and published at

The United States is increasingly similar to a 3rd world county in several ways and is accelerating towards 3rd world status. Economic data indicate a harsh reality that obviates mainstream political debate. The evidence suggests that, without fundamental reforms, the U.S. will become a post industrial neo-3rd-world country by 2032.

Fundamental characteristics that define a 3rd world country include high unemployment, lack of economic opportunity, low wages, widespread poverty, extreme concentration of wealth, unsustainable government debt, control of the government by international banks and multinational corporations, weak rule of law and counterproductive government policies. All of these characteristics are evident in the U.S. today.

Other factors include poor public health, nutrition and education, as well as lack of infrastructure. Public health and nutrition in the U.S., while below European standards, stand well above those of 3rd world countries. American public education now ranks behind poorer countries, like Estonia, but remains superior to that of 3rd world countries. While crumbling infrastructure can be seen in cities across America, the vast infrastructure of the United States cannot be compared to a 3rd world country. However, all of these factors will rapidly deteriorate in a declining economy. Read More

Poor Man's Guide To Survival Solar Power: Video

November 13, 2011
By Brandon Smith

For some reason, it is very difficult to find instructional videos on solar power that are straightforward, concise, and easy to understand. Too many solar enthusiasts attempt to leap into the technical aspects of the science itself, and then, they lose half their audience. This is unnecessary. When teaching anything, START WITH THE BASICS. What parts do you need? How do they fit together? How much are they going to cost? Where can you get them? Simple.

The creator of the video below does a fantastic job of outlining the first steps in affordable survival solar. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for a prepper to not have at least some form of solar capacity. Anyone, no matter how broke, or how mechanically hopeless, can afford to purchase these items and can understand how to use them. The ability to generate electricity off grid could be a lifesaver. It would be foolish to put off this very important preparation.

How To Build Your Own Hydroponic Growing System

November 13, 2011
By Brandon Smith

Great straightforward video on how to build a growing system which could provide you and your family fresh veggies and greens year around!