Thursday, April 5, 2012

Savage New Territory: Trickle Down Tyranny

April 5, 2012
American Thinker
By Larrey Anderson

In the "Acknowledgments" at the end of his new book Trickle Down Tyranny, Michael Savage states that this book is his "most seminal work." Since "seminal" means, "strongly influencing later events," Savage is offering a prediction about -- not a description of -- the book. He probably will be proven right. Trickle Down Tyranny breaks new political ground for the reader and for the writer. Read more

25 Must Know Skills For Surviving The Coming Nightmare

April 5, 2012

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Many people nowadays are quite aware that the world they live in is going to the toilet. Aside from the geophysical part that “seems” to be going haywire and could be nothing other than the planet’s cycles, there are plenty of manmade catastrophes that loom on the horizon. Never has the planet had as many people as now and the more people there are the more competition there is for resources. More countries seek nuclear devices than ever before and with advancements in technology this is a much easier process than anytime before. Biological and chemical weapons are also much easier to manufacture because of leaps of technology in regards to computers. Oil markets are much tighter because of the countries of China and India and their increasing need of energy to fuel their booming economies, and new finds of oil fields cannot keep up with the demand. The debacle of the world economies needs no introduction. In short, bad times, really bad times could and probably be coming to a neighborhood near you. Unless you and your family take quite seriously this possibility, if and when something extremely horrible happens, you could very well end up one of the large number of statistics. Read More