Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Chicago Way: Bring out the baseball bats...Intim-O-Gate...

May 15, 2013

The Chicago Way: Bring out the baseball bats

Also Intim-O-Gate

Lions And Tigers And Terrorists, Oh My!

  This is an excellent article

May 15, 2013
By Brandon Smith

The debate over what actions actually constitute “terrorism,” I believe, will become one of the defining ideological battles of our era. Terrorism is not a word often used by common people to describe aberrant behaviors or dastardly deeds; however, it is used by governments around the world to label and marginalize political enemies. That is to say, it is the government that normally decides who is a “terrorist” and who is a mere “criminal,” the assertion being that one is clearly far worse than the other.

The terrorist label elicits emotional firestorms and fearful brain-quakes in the minds of the masses. It causes the ignorant and unaware to abandon principles they would normally apply to any other malicious enterprise. They begin to reason that a criminal should be afforded justice, while a terrorist should be afforded only vengeance, even though the act of branding a person a “terrorist” is often completely arbitrary. This vengeance is usually pursued by any means. Thus, the terrorist moniker becomes a rationalization for every vicious and inhuman policy of the establishment, as well as for the citizenry.

Dishonorable and foolish people claim the existence of terrorism essentially gives license for the rest of us to become criminal, willfully trampling on individuals’ rights to privacy, property, free speech, due process, civic participation, etc. Mass criminality against the individual in the name of social safety is the glue that holds together all tyrannical systems, triggering a catastrophic cycle of moral relativism that eventually bleeds a culture dry. Read More

The Still-Forgotten Obama Lie

May 15, 2013
By Nick Chase

"Benghazi-gate," "IRS-gate," "AP-gate" -- it would seem the intrepid investigators in the dinosaur media, in an effort to repair their shredded reputations, are finally catching up to the truths known months or years ago to those of us who get our news from the internet.

IRS targeting "patriots"? Not a problem for the dinosaurs; those racist lovers of the Constitution deserved it. Hillary, Susan, and crew covering up the Benghazi terrorist attack with a bald-faced lie about a video trailer? The dinosaurs had no problem swallowing this lie until the whistleblowers made it apparent what fools they were for doing so. Then they had to quickly regroup. But the Obama administration sucking their vitals from the Obama-friendly Associated Press? Well, that hurts them directly. They're under attack! Unforgivable!

Hey, dinosaurs, now that we have your attention, we have a hot tip for you: there's one big Obama lie that's two years old that you completely missed. In fact, you suppressed the truth. And you don't have to dig very hard to find this lie; it can still be downloaded at any time from for your own inspection and analysis. It's the Obama long-form "birth certificate" forgery.

That this digital document is a forgery has been proved beyond question. Various experts have proved its fakery on different levels: Read More