Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Selflessness of the Japanese Survivors

The Fukushima 50 and the White House Cipher

March 20, 2011
By Clarice Feldman

This was a week of enormous contrasts, in which we saw colossal courage and integrity and bravery on the part of U.S. troops and ordinary Japanese, and cowardice and childishness in the White House.

Battered by a devastating earthquake followed by a tsunami which has destroyed cities and apparently taken the lives of untold thousands of its people, Japan faced the possibility of even worse news -- a crisis in its Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, which if uncontrolled would wreak enormous additional damage, and which in any case will result in substantial energy constraints in a country with few energy resources of its own. One could only watch the horror and be stunned by the brave and civilized response of the Japanese nuclear technicians -- dubbed the Fukushima 50 -- who willingly risked their health and lives to save their countrymen. As this column goes to press it appears the Fukushima heroes may have succeeded in preventing the meltdown of the fuel rods under extraordinarily difficult conditions.

But the Fukushima 50 were not alone in bringing great honor to their people. So many people were displaced from their homes by the three events that shelters were inadequate to hold them all. Yet picture after picture of them revealed the slots had been given to the youngest and the most elderly and infirm, and the shelters looked clean and orderly, even if short of amenities. Everywhere in the areas involved food, clothing, water and, transport and medical supplies are inadequate. Even in Tokyo, supplies are dwindling, and as the weather is cold the lack of energy to heat homes coupled with frequent aftershocks most certainly be dispiriting. And yet...shops REDUCED prices of food and water when they had them; people waited in orderly lines to get what was needed; there are no reports of looting or mayhem, It is a moment every one of us who witnesses it from our distant, safe havens shall never forget.  Read More

Smartphones can be threatening your safety or that of your children

March 20, 2011
Russ Ptacek

Pictures you’ve e-mailed or uploaded from your smartphone could be leaking location information threatening your safety or that of your children.

“Perfect, just like that,” cooed NBC Action News staffer Susanne McDonald to her four-year-old daughter Laine as she took a series of smartphone pictures. “Ready? One, two, three! Good Girl.”

We loaned McDonald and Laine a smartphone to see just how threatening a seemingly innocent snapshot could be once loaded online.

Police are concerned

“It’s frightening,” said Leawood School Resource Police Officer Mark Chudik when we showed him what we had uncovered.

We combed Twitter and sites like Facebook , Craig’s List, and Photobucket .

We searched by entering the names of area cities. We easily identified the home addresses and play areas of children whose pictures were posted by their parents.

“That is legitimately terrifying,” said McDonald when we showed her information we obtained from pictures she posted of daughter Laine.

It’s a new and frightening threat to parents.

Obama’s new war

Brasscheck TV
March 20, 2011
From No-Fly to Bombing

I don’t get it.

Did Libya attack us?

Did Congress declare war on Libya as the Constitution demands?

Whatever the answers are to those questions, if you’re a US citizen, you’re paying for it.

State Banks

North Dakota owns its own State Bank

"It is time to declare economic sovereignty from the multinational banks that are responsible for much of our current economic crisis. Every year we ship over a billion dollars in Oregon taxpayer dollars to out-of-state and multinational banks in the form of deposits, only to see that money invested elsewhere. It's time to put our money to work for Oregonians." --Bill Bradbury, former Oregon Senate President and Secretary of State, quoted in The Nation

March 20, 2011
By Marilyn M. Barnewall

One of the hottest topics in the world of banking is State Banks. Oregon, Washington and Maryland have recently joined Illinois, Virginia, Massachusetts, California, Florida and Hawaii in evaluating the wisdom of implementing a “State Bank.” Governors of these States need to be careful because there is a great deal of disinformation on the subject suddenly appearing in a variety of places… it almost looks like a George Soros stealth attack.

States that have passed legislation involving sovereignty and the right for their State to coin its own currency, or are making trade in gold and silver lawful (as Utah just did), will have problems implementing such legislative promises until a system like the one that has been in existence for 92 years in North Dakota is created. North Dakota owns its own State Bank. Maybe that’s why, according to a recent Gallup poll, unemployment there is 3.8 percent and the job market is the best in the country (and the state’s population growth is up 5 percent). The jobless rate around the rest of the country has sky-rocketed and high-taxes in union-dominated States like New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio cause lost population.
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Muslim Student Association Pledge of Allegiance

Muslim Student Association Pledge of Allegiance: Jihad is my spirit, I will die to establish Islam

Creeping Sharia
March 19, 2011

The video is from January 2011 at UCLA. via Blazing Cat Fur, Muslim Student Association Pledge of Allegiance: Jihad is my spirit..I will die to establish Islam, who writes: Dear useful idiots, this is your wake up call.

New explosion at Fukushima

New explosion at Fukushima strikes No. 2 reactor, containment vessel damaged

March 20, 2011
By Mike Adams

A new explosion rocked the Fukushima No. 2 reactor today, says Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO). That explosion caused new damage to the containment vessel, resulting in a rise in radiation being leaked into the environment (

This news of the worsening situation comes on the heels of some good news in the nuclear catastrophe: TEPCO has been able to restore grid power to buildings 5 and 6, which also house enormous quantities of stored fuel. Neither of these buildings was considered the primary threat in the first place, but it is at least a hopeful sign that TEPCO might have a chance at preventing a meltdown (

Japanese crews are now working on an attempt to restore the functionality of the pumps that circulate water to cool the fuel rods. Those pumps are reportedly working in buildings 5 and 6, but no one even knows if the pumps are functional in buildings 2, 3 or 4. (They may have been damaged in the explosions that rocked the site.)

To make matters even worse, it appears that the cooling pool in reactor No. 4 has a leak and won't hold water. As the Sydney Morning Herald reports, "The pool at reactor No.4 has the hottest spent fuel and is thought to have either holes in the pool or another leak that is allowing water to run out. It is thus imperative to cool those heat sources first."

Japan's government raises "safe" limit of radiation exposure:  Read More

SEIU Hit With RICO Lawsuit

One company has finally said ENOUGH

Weasel Zippers
March 20, 2011

(Big Government)- In a press release issued Thursday, Sodexo USA announced that the company has filed a civil lawsuit against the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act., accusing the union of engaging in an “illegal campaign of extortion.” The lawsuit representing Sodexo is Hunton & Williams – the same firm SEIU and its allies have accused of launching a “dirty tricks” campaign against them in retaliation for their anti-Chamber of Commerce campaigns.

 ….Sodexo USA has filed the lawsuit in an attempt to halt the over-the-top harassment from SEIU, alleging that many of the acts are very serious and outside of the normal realm of union tactics, including acts of ” SEIU blackmail, vandalism, trespass, harassment, and lobbying law violations designed to steer business away from Sodexo USA and harm the company.” [emphasis added]

 Aside from some of its usual corporate smear campaign tactics, certain organizers in the SEIU subscribed to some especially nasty, and frankly repulsive, tactics:

The complaint alleges that the SEIU, in face to face meetings, threatened Sodexo USA’s executives that it would harm Sodexo USA’s business unless they gave in to the union, and then carried out its threats through egregious behavior, including: 
  • throwing plastic roaches onto food being served by Sodexo USA at a high profile event;
  • scaring hospital patients by insinuating that Sodexo USA food contained bugs, rat droppings, mold and flies;
  • lying to interfere with Sodexo USA business and sneaking into elementary schools to avoid security;
  • violating lobbying laws to steer business away from Sodexo USA, even at the risk of costing Sodexo USA employees their jobs; and
  • harassing Sodexo USA employees by threatening to accuse them of wrongdoing.
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Obama: Bush: Same Statements

MARCH 19, 2011
OBAMA: 'Today we are part of a broad coalition. We are answering the calls of a threatened people. And we are acting in the interests of the United States and the world'...

MARCH 19, 2003
BUSH: 'American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger'...