Monday, April 4, 2011

How To Find A Job: Just Be Willing To Flip Burgers And Work For Minimum Wage

"Yes, American workers now must directly compete for jobs with millions of people willing to work for slave labor wages on the other side of the globe. But eventually their wages will come up slightly and our wages will go way down to their level and at that point we will all have equality."

April 4, 2011
The Economic Collapse

Do you want to know how to find a job in America today?  It's easy.  Just be willing to flip burgers, wait tables or welcome people to Wal-Mart.  You must also be willing to work for close to minimum wage with no health benefits.  It's not that complicated.  On April 19th, McDonald's is going to be holding its first "national hiring day" and it will be attempting to fill 50,000 positions.  Hundreds of thousands of applicants are expected, so if you are going to apply be ready for some stiff competition.  McDonald's held a similar event last year in its western region and 60,000 people applied for just 13,000 jobs.  But if you are one of the lucky ones, you too may soon be flipping burgers for minimum wage.  Who said that finding a job was hard and that the U.S. economy doesn't work anymore?  All of us just need to be "flexible" and we all need to be willing to adapt to the "new economic reality".  Read More

Debt Management: Is There Any Hope For America’s Debt Problem?

"The truth is that this situation is a complete and total joke.  Neither party intends to balance the budget this decade."

April 4, 2011
The American Dream

Wouldn't it be nice if our politicians in Washington D.C. simply decided that we are not going to spend more money then we bring in? That would just seem to be common sense. After all, what do most of those big time debt management seminars teach? Most of the time they tell families with debt problems that the very first thing that they need to do is to stop spending so much darn money. Well, with the U.S. government things are just not that simple. In fact, even the most "crazy" budget proposals floating around Congress right now would not balance the federal budget until 20 years from now. The truth is that there does not seem to be much hope for America's debt problem. In fact, it appears to be inevitable that it will continue to get worse long into the future.

So is there anyone in Congress that is serious about balancing the budget right now? Well, there are a handful of politicians in Washington that want to address the problem right now, but they are generally labeled as "extremists" by the mainstream media.

Instead, the mainstream media has been focusing on the brutal fight over the small budget cuts that the establishment Republicans are proposing. CNN, Fox News and MSNBC make it seem as though this is a "life or death" fight, but the reality is that it really isn't going to make much of a difference no matter who wins.
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ObamaNomics: Federal Government Spent More Than Eight Times Its Monthly Revenue in March…

"March Madness"

April 4, 2011

( — The U.S. Treasury has released a final statement for the month of March that demonstrates that financial madness has gripped the federal government.

During the month, according to the Treasury, the federal government grossed $194 billion in tax revenue and paid out $65.898 billion in tax refunds (including $62.011 to individuals and $3.887 to businesses) thus netting $128.179 billion in tax revenue for March.

At the same, the Treasury paid out a total of $1.1187 trillion. When the $65.898 billion in tax refunds is deducted from that, the Treasury paid a net of $1.0528 trillion in federal expenses for March.

That $1.0528 trillion in spending for March equaled 8.2 times the $128.179 in net federal tax revenue for the month.

Breathe Life Into Your Barter Network

"How many people does it take to start a barter group? Just two. One person trading goods or skills with another. And then, perhaps two families, then their friends, then their families, etc. This is how it all begins."

April 4, 2011
By Brandon Smith

In case you were wondering, things are looking good. Alt-Market has been doing very well so far, with over 400 new members in the span of a month and barter groups initiated in states across the country. Traffic for the first month was moderate, standing at around 30,000 visitors. I can do much better I think, but hey, for a brand new website, and a brand new idea, we are off to a good start.

My feeling is that many people are circling around Alt-Market, waiting to see how the whole thing unfolds before they commit to joining the effort. This is understandable. It is simply in the subconscious nature of many folks to jump on a bandwagon AFTER it has taken off, rather than jump on while it’s just beginning to move forward. We have all seen projects with great potential suddenly flounder and die because they were being run improperly, without energy and vigor, without dedication, and without passion. All I can say is, that’s not going to happen here. If anything, we at Neithercorp Press and Alt-Market have proven ourselves relentlessly stubborn over the past four years. Surely, someone, somewhere in the recesses of the private Federal Reserve, considers us a monster pain in the ass.

Now that the first stages of the Alt-Market Project are behind us, the hard part begins; growing barter networks to efficient size and trade capacity, while putting out the word in as many venues as possible about sound money and private exchange. The concept of breaking from the mainstream economy, and the dollar, while building our OWN localized commerce, must go viral soon if we are to succeed in insulating towns, cities, and states from a collapse of the Greenback. In this next stage, we will need your help.

Here are some ideas you can apply in the daily construction of your barter economy that could put Alternative Markets on the fast track…  Read More

Cultivating the New World Order

"The ancient Greeks had a wonderful saying: "Know thyself." In this complex time one should try to "know" the world as as it is actually becoming."

April 4, 2011

By Anthony Wile

The conservative libertarian writer Paul Craig Roberts has posted an article, “The New Colonialism: Washington’s Pursuit of World Hegemony” that has received much attention from the alternative-news blogosphere. In this article, I want to comment on the story from a larger point of view. Robert’s perspectives are probably the last piece of the puzzle that we’ve been working on putting together here at DB. With his courageous input, we now have a clearer vision now of how the New World Order is coming together and how it will function. That sounds like a large statement, but in this article I will try to explain it and justify my presentation.

It is important to understand such things. If one does not understand the world, one is doomed to make numerous mistakes in investing and even in life itself. There is the old saying, referring specifically to software: “garbage in, garbage out.” If one’s INPUTS are wrong, then one’s conclusions may be too. In this fraught day and age one should work steadily at refining one’s inputs to make sure that the best and most foolproof conclusions are reached in all areas of existence. It’s actually a survival issue.

So let us begin. We need to start with the idea that there is an Anglo-American power elite trying to establish a world government. We cannot necessarily explain WHY anyone would want to do such a thing. But apparently someone does. Actually more than a “someone” – a handful of impossibly wealth banking families, located mainly in the one-square-mile City of London.  Read More

Ahmadinajad: Obama Presidency Will Come to Embarrassing End

"The Iranian regime president also said the only difference between Obama and Bush is that Obama is a liar."

April 4, 2011
Gateway Pundit
By Jim Hoft

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blasted the US administration for its deceitful policies, and warned that US President Barack Obama will have to face an end far more embarrassing than what his predecessor, George W. Bush, encountered.

Speaking at a press conference here in Tehran on Monday, President Ahmadinejad stated that the capitalist system sough to save itself and its main base in the Middle-East, i.e. Israel, through entering new players into the scene under the guise of the motto of change and defending the rights of the nations.

But soon it was revealed that change means a change in nations in the interest of capitalism, he added.

Stating his interpretation of the Obama policy, Ahmadinejad said that the difference between Bush and Obama lies in the fact that the current US president uses force and at the same time deception and conspiracy unlike Bush who clearly resorted to weapon and military action to save the capitalistic system.

Piven Lays Out Her Paranoid Theory

Piven Complains Paranoid Nut Beck Falsely Accused Her of Calling for US Revolution; Moments Later Hopes for Revolution & Lays Out Her Paranoid Theory: Racist Tea Party Nazis With Nukes

April 4, 2011
The Blaze

Fukushima Workers Trying To Plug Radiation Leaks With Rubbish

"UNBELIEVABLE: Fukushima Workers Trying To Plug Radiation Leaks With Bits Of Newspaper, Garbage Bags, Diaper Like Material"

Mayor, Governor slam government as tons of radioactive water is poured into Pacific

UNBELIEVABLE: Fukushima Workers Trying To Plug Radiation Leaks With Bits Of Newspaper, Garbage Bags, Diaper Like Material 040411water

April 4, 2011
Steve Watson

The impact of the radioactive material on sea life could be catastrophic as over 11, 500 tons of contaminated water is now being intentionally released into the Pacific ocean by workers at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in a last ditch desperate effort to clean out the area.

Meanwhile, local officials have roundly condemned the Japanese government’s response to the crisis as workers have been scrambling to plug cracks in a reactor pit using anything they can find, including bits of shredded newspaper, sawdust and super glue.

Highly radioactive water is flowing from the pit into the ocean, with the latest figures confirming radiation levels of contaminated seawater at 4,000 times above the safety limit.  Read More

Former CIA officer blows lid off libya fraud live on CNN

"This Is What Happens When Establishment Control Of The Media Cracks For A Moment"

The American Dream
April 4, 2011

Every once in a while, establishment control of the mainstream media cracks for a moment. In an effort to achieve higher ratings, mainstream news programs will invite guests on that promise to be “interesting”, but then they will say something that is not part of the script and the entire system will go into a state of chaos for a moment. One example of this happened recently when two CNN “infobabes” interviewed former CIA officer Michael Scheuer about the situation on the ground in Libya. They asked Scheuer some questions regarding the role of the CIA in Libya, but the interview rapidly moved in some directions that the “infobabes” were not anticipating. Instead of sticking to the “Republican” or the “Democrat” script, Scheuer ripped both parties and he detailed many of the reasons why we should have never gone into Libya at all.

The “infobabes” grew increasingly uncomfortable as Scheuer described how large numbers of the resistance fighters in Libya have fought against U.S. troops in the Balkans, in Afghanistan and in Iraq. They did not seem pleased at all when Scheuer declared that the civil war in Libya is “none of our business” and that to the rest of the world this conflict looks like “Americans killing Muslims for oil” all over again.

The funniest part of the interview was when Scheuer accused one of the “infobabes” of “carrying the water for Mr. Obama”. After that statement, the female anchor that Scheuer was addressing was visibly flustered and quickly went to a commercial.

Video of this CNN interview with Michael Scheuer is posted below. This is a video that should be shared with everyone you know.