Monday, January 10, 2011

Mental Illness On The Rise

Mental Illness on the Rise

No More Plastic Bags on Maui Starting 1-11-11

Starting Tuesday, customers should bring bags to markets

January 10, 2011 - By MELISSA TANJI, Staff Writer

WAILUKU - From grocery stores to toy stores, businesses beginning on Tuesday will no longer be giving out plastic bags to their customers. The county's plastic bag ban takes effect then, following a long publicity campaign.

Last week, businesses and county officials were busy preparing for the ordinance to take effect.

Jerry Masaki, general manager at Pukalani Superette, said he has banners hanging outside his store along with posters inside and employees wearing buttons to remind customers of the change and to encourage them to bring in their recyclable bags.  Read More

Government Insolvency...Internet National ID Card...Pharma Controls FDA

Geithner Says U.S. Insolvent
Michael S. Rozeff

The U.S. government is insolvent. Who says so? Timothy F. Geithner, the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. Read More

The Coming Internet National ID Card
Robert Wenzel, Economic Policy Journal

President Obama is planning to hand the U.S. Commerce Department authority over a forthcoming cybersecurity effort to create an Internet ID for Americans, a White House official said, according to CBS News TechTalk.  Read More

Recent Proof FDA Is Controlled By Big Pharma
Attorney Jonathan Emord

If you harbored romantic notions that an Obama FDA would be less controlled by the pharmaceutical industry than a Bush FDA, think again.  Read More

Who Needs the Constitution Anyway?

Sunday, 09 January 2011 08:18
Daniel Greenfield

From all the outrage over congress opening with a reading of the Constitution, you would have thought that the Republican party was proposing to outlaw green labels on household products, put up a fence made entirely of snarling dogs across the Mexican border, and haul Obama off to Gitmo. Even an upcoming attempt to repeal the Obama Care monstrosity, hasn't generated nearly as much outrage as a reading of the United States Constitution.  Read More

Don’t Exploit My Daughter’s Death To Revoke Freedoms

Classy Father Of 9-Year-Old Victim: Don’t Exploit My Daughter’s Death To Revoke Freedoms

Monday, January 10, 2011

What a classy, brave and thoughtful individual John Green is – father of the 9-year-old girl murdered by Jared Loughner – Green contradicts the distasteful rush to exploit Saturday’s tragic events as a vehicle through which to eviscerate the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

Speaking to Fox News, Green labeled Loughner’s rampage a “random act” and said that the death of his daughter should not be exploited to revoke freedoms.

Speaking on the subject of how travel became a nightmare after 9/11, John Green said, “We don’t need any more restrictions on our society,” as a consequence of the shootings, and said that tragic events such as those that led to the murder of his daughter was the price Americans have to pay for freedom.