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September 24, 2011

Michael Bruning, via email …..


My Dear Friends in Freedom and in the Defense of Liberty:

I am sending you today’s emailing of News With Views, not because it is any better or more informative than other blogs such as News With Attitude or Conservative Byte, etc., but because today’s NWV publication is carrying two articles that speak directly to the issue of Obama’s ineligibility re the Office of the President and one article re the adverse impact on this nation directly related to unfettered legal immigration and illegal immigration. All three articles, in the wake of this administrations “official” actions and the reckless indifference of the Congress and the Courts in response to them, clearly demonstrate that WE THE PEOPLE are being delivered up to the ideological representations of elected and appointed individuals who have been and continue to lead us in a direction that will destroy our culture, our traditions, our values, our laws and finally our nation.

As we watch Obama in action, many of us are appalled by what he is doing, but more so by what he is being allowed to get away with. The downward spiral of this nation and its people is evident, or should be to us, on a daily basis. 25 million plus citizens are out of work….jobless, while millions more struggle to make ends meet (survive) by working one, two or more part-time jobs. Nearly 50 million people are on food stamps while some 43 million are considered to be under the poverty level. Every day, thousands of homeowners receive foreclosure notices from the very banks and mortgage lenders that were BAILED OUT BY THE TAX PAYERS. And, while we hemorrhage the life blood of our nation to the progressive-liberal, marxist-socialist cause, those who lead this cancerous crusade against our Republic propose and pass laws and policies that promote rights and privileges for ILLEGAL ALIENS, while undermining the rights of the States to pass bills that would require employer’s to verify the legal status of its employee’s. Representatives like Lamar Smith of Texas and Gov. Rick Perry and Jeff Flake and Luis Gutierrez and Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin and the “girlfriend” dinocrat and RINO Senators from Washington State, California and Maine, and a whole lot more….are directly responsible for complex, confusing and chaotic mess that we find ourselves in today. Rather than stand upright in defense of their SWORN OATH, these belly crawlers wind their way through every crevice to ensure that the america we know becomes the american they envision. Do you like THE HOPE AND THE CHANGE now?

To say that our nation is in dire peril is an understatement. In fact, what is in dire peril and going down by the bow is our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Rule of Law and very soon….OUR REPUBLIC. We cannot afford to stand idly by while the fabric of our nation is being destroyed by the constant assaults of foreign influence and domestic political indifference. Our survival as a nation requires us to stop making “limp wristed” requests to those we elected and to begin making militant demands which send a clear message of frustration, discontent, anger and contempt for what they are doing and for what they are failing to do to PRESERVE, PROTECT AND DEFEND this Republic….the United States of America.

One only need watch the GOP debates and the ongoing actions of this administration, Congress and the Courts to understand MISDIRECTION and DECEPTION have become the political process, rather than integrity, truth and representative government. It is not one Party or one branch of government that is to blame for the past decades of corruption, but rather, it is the People of the USA, our selfish material greed and our apathetic participation in our government. THIS WE MUST CHANGE AND THE TIME FOR THAT CHANGE IS NOW!!

Today’s NWV publication gives you the opportunity and the reasons sufficient to drive you to become actively involved in the new American Revolution. They give you the kind of information that should bring you back to the reality of what has happened and what is happening to this nation, via the actions and inactions of men and women who swore up and down, that they would adhere to their Oath of Office and meet the demands and the expectations of our Constitution. the very fact that they have proven their words to be nothing more than “lip service”, should encourage us further to make the kind of changes in 2012 that will restore this nation and its people to the kind of representative government and Republic that was promised by and given to us by our Founders.

We should work for and strive for nothing less.



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September 24, 2011