Sunday, April 3, 2011

“PEACEFUL RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY” The 99 Protest by Filling out a new Form W-4

"Our Safety and Happiness are an impediment to the globalist designs of the DC cartel, and our work to restore the Republic will be a great undertaking."

April 3, 2011

By Marc Shea

Our once-great nation was birthed in the fire of a revolt over the power of taxation. We all learned the righteous, powerful words when civics education was prized: “No taxation without representation!” The unconscionable debt burden saddled upon our backs by the criminal cartel in Washington, DC has stripped our unborn children and grandchildren of their natural right to be taxed only by those who represent them. And why not? Our unborn children and grandchildren have been stripped of every other unalienable right guaranteed to them, not the least of which is their unalienable right to life.

Prudence has long since run its course; apathy and civic illiteracy having taken its place among many of our fellow citizens. The de facto federal criminal enterprise has long since become destructive of its lawful ends to secure our unalienable rights, and has ceased to represent us. We are all taxed without representation, just like our posterity. My fellow Americans, the time has come for us to withdraw from the system of fraud and corruption that has been erected around us by those who have no desire but to dominate others. We must be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that our revered Constitution is all but dead, whittled away by a century of willful abdication by our elected “representatives”. Our only recourse to restore this magnificent charter is to return to where we began, by mutually declaring our independence from tyranny.  Read More

Paul Ryan on Obama: “We Don’t Need a Good Politician We Need a Strong Leader”

April 3, 2011 Gateway Pundit
By Jim Hoft on Sunday

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) ripped the eternal politician Barack Obama today on FOX News Sunday,

“We don’t need a good politician, we need a strong leader.”