Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Collectivist Conspiracy: Video

June 17, 2012
By Brandon Smith

A very well done interview with G. Edward Griffin, who speaks on a subject which I believe is the absolute most vital and detrimental problem in our world today; collectivism, or, what some people call "Statism".  This philosophy is marked by a distinctive and worshipful attitude towards the concept of government, no matter how corrupt, by the mindless masses.  It leads to an abandonment of reason and compassion for the sake of a false assertion of "greater good"; a matter of opinion forced on the citizenry as if it is a matter of law.

Government is, in itself, an abstract creation.  It is a product of men, often using the very arbitrary guidelines of a small handful of power elites who are ever present regardless of the era.  Few governments have existed in history that defied the collectivist ideal of dominance; the early American Republic being one of them.  This ultimate danger that must eventually be addressed is the centralization of societies to the benefit of a highly select few.  The battle is NOT between left and right, Democrat or Republican, Communist or Fascist.  The real battle is between the individual, and the state.  The unique and free human being, versus the fraudulent hive mind of the Orwellian fold.  The true fight is not only for the continuance of our country, our Constitution, or even our legacy; it is a war, a violent brawl to the death to decide whether the light of individualism, the source of all that is good and honorable, will be set free, or oppressed and extinguished.   This fight is for the soul of man.

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