Friday, July 29, 2011

Total abandonment of leadership in Washington

"Playing chicken with the nation: The U.S. debt ceiling fiasco and the total abandonment of leadership in Washington"

July 29, 2011
By Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) For the last few decades, it all seemed so simple for the USA: We'll spend other people's money, and when we run out, we'll just borrow from yet more people. It worked for a while... until all those "other people" (foreign central banks) got sick of buying U.S. debt. So lately, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner and other arsonists at the Federal Reserve have simply been counterfeiting new money instead: A whopping $16 trillion of it in just the last couple of years.

How much money is $16 trillion? Here's a great visualization of a similar mount ($15 trillion) that really drives the point home:

Now, every time the U.S. government needs more money to prevent itself from going into a total financial collapse, it turns to the Federal Reserve which simply print more money and hands it over to the government in exchange for IOUs (debt), meaning that the Fed creates money for FREE, and then the taxpayers owe it the same amount of money it just created. Huh? Yeah, it's like that.

But that's not even the real theft issue here. By printing all this money and injecting it into the circulating money supply, the Fed devalues all the current dollars in circulation while eroding the value of the dollar-denominated paycheck you're receiving, too. So all the money you worked for and saved is being stolen by the Fed through dollar devaluation coupled with the fact that you the taxpayer now OWE the Fed trillions more! (A double theft scam. They steal your money twice!)

Why Washington loves to steal your money

In Washington, our so-called "leaders" are not even negotiating a way to end this system. They love the fiat currency / Federal Reserve / counterfeit money machine system! It's what keeps all politicians popular: Simply print more money, then spend it on their favorite pork projects while claiming to be bringing "jobs" to their local states and districts. Every corrupt government needs an unlimited stream of money (created out of nothing) in order to stay in power through perpetual spending. This is why corrupt governments always -- ALWAYS -- abandon the gold standard (which limits the creation of new money).

That's why Boehner, Reid, Obama and others aren't even talking about the commonsense idea of, "Hey, how do we STOP being financially burdened by this whole system?"

The answer, of course, is actually quite simple. Ron Paul already suggested it when he said, "We simply write off all the debt to the Fed." Cancel those IOUs and let the Fed eat the loss for a change. The Fed created all that money out of nothing anyway... why should we "pay it back?" Doesn't even make sense.

Better yet, as Ron Paul has suggested, what we really need to do is end the Fed and put control of the money supply back into the hands of Congress as it was before 1913 (the year the Fed was created, which started a century of looting of the U.S. economy by global banksters).

The Federal Reserve, you see, is a criminal gang of international money thieves who are now engineering a total economic collapse of the USA. This has been their plan from the very start, of course. Read "The Creature From Jeckyll Island" by Ed Griffin ( to learn some rather shocking details about the origins of the Fed and why it always intended to suck the money out of this nation.

Or watch this amazing animation film, The American Dream at:

The parasites who are destroying our financial future

Globalist bankers are parasites on society, and if you give them control over your money supply, they will always find a way to loot your economy and drain the value of your currency. They've done it dozens of times throughout world history, and now their plot to destroy America's currency is nearly complete.

As Ron Paul has accurately stated, we are already in default. The only question now is HOW we're going to experience the total financial blowout of the nation. There are essentially two options:

Option #1) Stop sending government checks. The government goes into total default and simply collapses because it stops paying all government salaries, too. This option is not likely because option #2 is so much more devious and satisfying for control freak bureaucrats.

Option #2) Keep sending out all the checks, but devalue them by printing more money under the table. This option will keep the government in business for a while longer, thereby protecting the cushy jobs of all the corrupt bureaucrats running the system. The ultimate effect of this option, however, is unavoidable: Total hyperinflation of the currency.

We are almost certainly going to be dealing with option #2. The crooks in Washington will find a way to keep raising the debt ceiling, keep printing more money, and keep eroding the savings and benefits of all the taxpayers while they oversee the greatest financial collapse in the history of human civilization.

What will happen when the collapse comes?

This outcome is now all but certain. It is only a matter of timing: For how long can they keep printing fiat currency? For how long can they keep eroding the value of the dollar without the people rioting in anger? To extend this time and try to keep things under control, the U.S. government will put troops on the streets, increase the police state surveillance, and do everything in its power to try to stop riots from breaking out.

As I stated on the Alex Jones Show last night (www.PrisonPlanet.TV), if the American people fully realized what was really happening with the Federal Reserve and the money supply, they would be rioting right now! It is only ignorance of the truth that keeps the nation's wage slaves working away in their dimly-lit offices, oblivious to the reality of what is unfolding around them (and how they're being royally ripped off).

From an historical perspective, by the way, we are watching the financial collapse of a great empire. It is happening before our very eyes, in slow motion. We are learning, yet again, what happens when you put a bunch of corrupt socialists in charge of a nation and allow them to confiscate the wages of the workers (social security) and tax the businesses out of existence. The corporate elite, of course, pay virtually no tax (GE, Google, etc.) while the real tax burden is thrust upon all the medium and small businesses where business owners are just barely scraping.

The whole point of this engineered financial collapse (and yes, it is engineered) is to confiscate all the wealth of the working class and concentrate it in the hands of the ultra wealthy elite. It is to leave the working class people destitute, starving, jobless and totally enslaved while the global elite have all the money, all the power and all the control -- even control over the food supply.

Five years ago, such talk would have been considered loony conspiracy fear mongering, but today, virtually everyone can now see it unfolding just as we warned. In Washington right now, the crooks are trying to figure out how to avoid an imminent financial collapse of the government, which could be just a handful of days away.

They will resolve this short-term crisis, by the way. The government won't collapse on August 2nd. But the eventual financial collapse will only be made worse by a higher debt ceiling and the continued out-of-control spending by a government that has long abandoned any real sense of serving the People. This government will not stop its debt addiction until it is forced to stop either through a popular revolt or a total financial collapse (or a military coup, for that matter).