Monday, February 28, 2011

Democratic Party is unwilling to lose

February 28, 2011
The Entitled Party
By Karin McQuillan

President Obama and the left wing of the Democratic Party think they are entitled to win. From our narcissistic President to screaming union organizers, they are puffed up with self-righteous zeal. They must have health care to save the sick, they must shut down Louisiana oil rigs to save the planet, they must defend government unions to save the middle class.

Of course, each side thinks they are right. Being right is no excuse. You have to abide by the law, you have to abide by elections, you have to respect the courts and constitutional separation of power, or else we no longer live in a democratic country. In our democracy, no one is entitled to win. If you won't lose, you cannot have democracy.

What you have are the Wisconsin Democrat senators who are unwilling to abide by the election results that put them in a minority. What you have is Reid and Pelosi, ramming Obamacare through by breaking rules of procedure, in order to flout the 2010 election results. What you have is the Obama White House, blocking Congress's right to confirm appointees, and openly ignoring federal courts. What you have is the Justice Department announcing it will no longer defend the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act in court, as if Obama gets to decide which laws are constitutional. What you have is a Democratic Party run amok, undercutting our democracy in the service of their own power.   Read More

National ID Card In May

Warning to a Friend of Freedom:

February 28, 2011
By Alan Gottlieb, AmeriPAC

Even though no one on Capitol Hill is talking about it, unless it is stopped, in less than 90 days, you will be REQUIRED by federal law to have, and carry on your person, a “national ID” card in the form of a national drivers’ license. You know, the type of card the Nazi’s and the communists in the Soviet Union made people carry. In 1993 the Republican Congress referred to it as an “internal passport” when the Clinton Administration initially tried to create it—first as a national healthcare card, then as a “jobs card” to keep illegal aliens from stealing jobs from U.S. citizens and finally, in 1996, as a national drivers’ license.

Based on the provisions of The Real ID Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-13, 119 Stat 392), Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security will now require the federalization of State-issued driver’s licenses by May 11, 2011. Every State will be required to issue driver’s licenses that conform to new federal identification compliance “standards.”

Living in America, did you ever think you’d experience the invasive government, Big Brother tactics that we see in movies of Nazi Germany, in which uniformed officers demand: “Where are your papers?”

That is exactly what YOUR government is doing!

I am reminded of George Orwell’s riveting book, “1984.” Is “1984″ now upon us? The new national ID cards, disguised as a uniform drivers’ license, will be biometric. Each card will store personal data about the card holder. What information? Whatever the computer chip will hold—up to a gigabyte of data. And, each card will contain a GPS tracking chip. (Just in case someone steals your card, Big Brother will know, within 3 feet, where that card is at any moment.) George Orwell’s 1984 has finally arrived—and only 27 years late.

Please, CLICK HERE to FAX every Member of the U.S. Congress to tell them to STOP any form of National I.D. cards or National Drivers’ license. Tell Congress that the Real ID Act goes beyond constitutional limits, and that the American people will not be subjected to what amounts to an internal passport. Further, tell Congress that since the creation of a uniform, federal drivers’ license/ID card exceeds the financial limits established by the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 (Pubic Law 104-4, 2 USC 1501), this law cannot be implemented because the cost exceeds the limits the federal government can impose on the States. Please help us fight this usurpation of YOUR privacy rights—and CHALLENGE an unlawful demand on the States. A substantial GIFT to AmeriPAC will help us fight what has already been costly war. But OUR PERSONAL FREEDOMS must be preserved.

If this battle is not waged—and won—by May 11, 2011, the American people will be carrying a federal ID card that will double as a State-issued drivers’ license. You will need it to vote. You will need it to enter a federal building. You will need it to buy a plane ticket. And, believe it or not, you will need it if you are stopped while jogging in the park or sitting on your front porch. Oh, yes…and because it will be your drivers’ license as well, you will need it to drive your car.


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Conservative Crucial Crossroads

The Top 6 Issues That Can Unite the Conservative Movement

February 28, 2011
By Chris Queen

I think the Right is at a crucial crossroads. If we have too many more moments like these, conservatives will be known for what we can’t agree on more than what we can. I believe it’s time for the Right to rally around certain issues and unite. There’s too much that true conservatives can unite around, and that’s what this list is about.

I’d like to make one note here: in this post I’m avoiding certain social issues for one particular reason. While there are plenty of conservatives who are passionate about abortion, traditional marriage, and several other issues, we often have to walk on eggshells when dealing with such issues. My intention is for this post to be a rallying cry, rather than a flashpoint for further debate, so I’m staying clear of some of these potentially more contentious issues. With that said, here we go.  Read More

The Death Of The Dollar

Will The Death Of The Dollar Lead To The Birth Of A New World Economic Order?

There is no getting around it. The U.S. dollar is dying. U.S. government debt continues to grow at a very frightening pace and the Federal Reserve is now buying up most of the new debt that is being issued. At this point there is simply not enough money in the rest of the world to continue to feed the U.S. government's endless thirst for more debt so the Federal Reserve has had to directly intervene in order to keep the Ponzi scheme going. Other nations are rapidly losing faith in the U.S. dollar as they realize that there is simply no way that the U.S. government will be able to service this soaring debt for much longer. Even now we are watching the U.S. dollar rapidly fall against a vast array of hard assets. Virtually all major agricultural commodities have exploded in price over the past year, the price of gold is over $1400 an ounce again and last week U.S. crude oil prices topped $100 a barrel for the first time since 2008. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve continues to print dollars as if there is no tomorrow and the U.S. government continues to spend dollars as if the party is never going to end. Yes, we are most definitely witnessing the death of the dollar.  Read More

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Herman Cain: We are an exceptional nation

"We are an exceptional nation and we are going to keep it that way! Mediocre is not in our DNA!"

His speech centered around the theme that we are awake and fighting for America, as he laid out ideas of how to put America back on the path to prosperity.

Life, Liberty And Collective Thuggery

"People willing to trade their individual rights for collective bargaining rights love unions, while people still stuck on individual rights tend to hate them."

February 26, 2011
By J.B. Williams

Once again, since Obama’s secular socialist community organizing press won’t tell the American people the truth, someone has to!

Over the years, I have written more about our Founding Fathers and documents than most Americans have ever read in a lifetime. But just in case I missed something, I went back and read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights one more time and nowhere did I find a “right to collective bargaining” – aka criminal socialist union thuggery, intimidation and extortion.

Public Opinion

Did anyone really have to poll to come up with this answer? Most taxpayers are sick of being bankrupted or held hostage by union thuggery and oppose labor unions, especially for public servant jobs paid for by taxpayers. Ironically, most union thugs like unions… This, they call “breaking news!”  Read More

Will Americans Vote For Another Puppet President In 2012?

"Pathological liar has pulled off one of the greatest frauds this country has ever seen"

February 26, 2011
Devvy Kidd

Do you know that a year from now most of the presidential primaries might be over?

There is great turmoil going on in this country right now with more to come. But, there will be another election and the primary process is part of the show put on for public consumption. Make the American people believe they have some say in who will occupy the White House. Isn’t it about time we take control over the presidential election?

The Democrats are playing a false game because Obama/Soetoro is not going to get ballot qualified in a large number of states either via legislation or lawsuits. I’m sure California and New York will ballot qualify him because the Democratic Party is 100% ethically bankrupt. That pathological liar has pulled off one of the greatest frauds this country has ever seen, but the shadow government king pins know they can’t get away with it twice. There is yet another Obama/Soetoro citizenship case coming up for conference by the U.S. Supreme Court. Since standing was not an issue, perhaps things might be different this time around — especially if by some miracle, Kagan and Sotomayer are forced to recuse themselves. We shall see. Ideally, Obama/Soetoro should not only be removed via a Quo Warranto, but indicted and convicted for violation of 18 U.S.C. §1343, wire fraud. He solicited more than $600 million dollars in campaign funds knowing full well he was not eligible to run for that office. That would put him in prison for decades where he belongs for what he’s done to deceive all Americans.
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TSA rides again

TSA gropes children AFTER they disembark from train

February 26, 2011
Brasscheck TV

The US news media’s fascination with TS^ ineptitude (and rampant illegality) seems to have cooled since Thanksgiving/Christmas.

Too bad because things are better (read that: worse) than ever.

Now the TS^ is showing up at train stations, but you already knew that.

But they’ve got a new angle…

They’re searching people AFTER they disembark from their trains.

No choice either. As soon as you step off the train, you’re herded into a pen.

At least at the airport, you can walk away.

Prime targets for the full body pat down: young children. Who else?

Big thanks to John Pistole (TS^ head), Janet Napolitano (DHS), and the ever-lovable Osama Bushbama.

War, Martial Law, and the Economic Crisis

The U.S. Treasury’s Financial Bailout

February 26, 2011
Peter Dale Scott, Global Research

The bailout measures of late 2008 may have consequences at least as grave for an open society as the response to 9/11 in 2001. Many members of Congress felt coerced at the time into voting against their inclinations, and the normal procedures for orderly consideration of a bill were dispensed with.

The excuse for bypassing normal legislative procedures was the existence of an emergency. But one of the most reprehensible features of the legislation, that allowed Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to permit bailed-out institutions to use public money for exorbitant salaries and bonuses, was inserted by Paulson after the immediate crisis had passed.

According to Congressman Peter Welch (D-Vermont) the bailout bill originally called for a cap on executive salaries, but Paulson changed the requirement at the last minute. Welch and other members of Congress were enraged by “news that banks getting taxpayer-funded bailouts are still paying exorbitant salaries, bonuses, and other benefits.” In addition, as the Associated Press reported in October 2008, “Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. questioned allowing banks that accept bailout bucks to continue paying dividends on their common stock. ‘There are far better uses of taxpayer dollars than continuing dividend payments to shareholders,’ he said.”  Read More

The Political Economy of Government Employee Unions

"Government bureaucracies – especially unionized ones – are like economic black holes where increased “inputs” lead to declining “outputs.”

February 26, 2011
By Thomas J. DiLorenzo

The main reason why so many state and local governments are bankrupt, or on the verge of bankruptcy, is the combination of government-run monopolies and government-employee unions. Government-employee unions have vastly more power than do private-sector unions because the entities they work for are typically monopolies.

When the employees of a grocery store, for example, go on strike and shut down the store, consumers can simply shop elsewhere, and the grocery-store management is perfectly free to hire replacement workers. In contrast, when a city teachers’ or garbage-truck drivers’ union goes on strike, there is no school and no garbage collection as long as the strike goes on. In addition, teachers’ tenure (typically after two or three years in government schools) and civil-service regulations make it extremely costly if not virtually impossible to hire replacement workers.

Thus, when government bureaucrats go on strike they have the ability to completely shut down the entire “industry” they “work” in indefinitely. The taxpayers will complain bitterly about the absence of schools and garbage collection, forcing the mayor, governor, or city councillors to quickly cave in to the union’s demands to avoid risking the loss of their own jobs due to voter dissatisfaction. This process is the primary reason why, in general, the expenses of state and local governments have skyrocketed year in and year out, while the “production” of government employees declines.  Read More

Unions: Hard Choices or the Laws of Economics

February 25, 2011
By The Right Scoop

Levin got a very enlightening email from a retired police officer in California who is currently receiving his very buff pension that was based on 90% of his salary in his last year. The email is full of details that explain how the unions are in bed with the Democrat party and makes it very easy to understand why we must break the back of these unions if we want to get back to fiscal health. I’d call this one a must listen:

To Listen

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Soros launches investment fund to profit off of "green energy"

New Soros investment fund, profiting off Obama's 'green energy' push, hires top Obama energy aide

February 24, 2011
By Timothy P. Carney

George Soros -- whom we're always told is not serving his own economic interests at all by promoting liberal politicians and big-government policies -- is launching a new investment fund that plans to profit off of the "green energy" boom, which is entirely dependent on government subsidies supported by the groups Soros funds.

As the press release puts it, this fund will "leverage technology and business model innovation to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and emissions, harness renewable energy, and more efficiently use natural resources, among other applications." As Soros puts it in the same release: “Developing alternative sources of energy and achieving greater energy efficiency is both a significant global investment opportunity and an environmental imperative.” Cadie Thompson at CNBC's NetNet flagged this.

So, yeah. The big-government policies advanced by the liberal outfits he funds -- like Center for American Progress -- will enrich the companies in which Soros is investing.

But this story gets better.

The press release casually mentions whom Soros is hiring to run this new fund: Cathy Zoi. As Cadie Thompson at CNBC's NetNet (edited by my brother John Carney), puts it,

Zoi was Barack Obama's "Acting Under Secretary for Energy and Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy." An Al Gore acolyte, Zoi was Obama's point-woman on subsidizing green tech. Now she's going to work for George Soros to profit off of subsidized green tech.   Read More

Obama Leading USA Into The New World Order

"Whatever impact our encounter might have had on him, I know something about what Barack Obama believed in 1980. At that time, the future president was a doctrinaire Marxist revolutionary, although perhaps -- for the first time -- considering conventional politics as a more practical road to socialism. Knowing this, I think I have a responsibility to place on the public record my account of this incident from our president's past."

February 24, 2011
Meeting Young Obama
By John Drew

My first meeting with young Barack Obama raised strong feelings and left me with a positive first impression. At the time, I felt I'd persuaded a young man anticipating a Marxist-Leninist revolution to appreciate the more practical alternative of conventional politics as a channel for his socialist views.

I met Obama in December of 1980, a couple of days after Christmas, in Portola Valley -- a small town near Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. I was a 23 year old second-year graduate student in Cornell's Government Department, and had flown to California to visit a 21 year old girlfriend, Caroline Boss. Boss was a senior at Occidental College, where she had taken a class in the fall of 1980 with political theorist Roger Boesche. She met and befriended Obama in that class.  Read More

Middle East Chaos: What To Learn And What To Expect

***Another excellect article which lays out why the chaos in the Middle East is being welcomed by globalists

"Are we witnessing the democratization of the cradle of civilization, or something else entirely?"

Neithercorp Press
February 24, 2011
By Giordano Bruno

There are many different kinds of revolution; some more effective than others. Telling the difference between a successful revolution and a failed revolution can be tricky. Often, on the surface, they look exactly the same. The secret is to set aside what we would “like” to see, and be brutally honest about what was actually accomplished in the course of the dissenting action. Has power been fully rescinded by the offending government or regime to the people, or, to yet another corrupt bureaucracy with a slightly different face? Have the puppet strings of corporate globalists been severed from your country, or do they remain strong as ever? Has ANY corrupt official actually been punished for the crimes that led to the insurgency in the first place, or, did they fly off scot-free to their million dollar villas in Ecuador, drinking mojitos in wicker recliners and watching the disaster they created unfold on CNN? Who ultimately benefited from the event?

Today, the entire Middle East is on the verge of complete destabilization and possibly civil war. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and other nations are experiencing a shockwave of unrest not seen since the 1970’s. Western media sources are calling it a “people’s revolt”, one which the Obama administration is heartily embracing like an old relative. But are we witnessing the democratization of the cradle of civilization, or something else entirely? How will we be affected by this tide of confusion? Instead of falling into panic and fear over the growing chaos, what can discerning Americans learn from a social implosion on the other side of the world that will help us to survive a similar occurrence here? Let’s examine some of the distinct moments that have characterized the Middle East debacle, the underlying and corrupt influences that surround them, as well as certain historical facts of the region that globalist engineers would rather we forget…  Read More

Unions: Dupes, Thugs, and Politicians

“Corruption had been built into the labor movement from its very inception.”

February 24, 2011
By Alan Caruba

Growing up in New Jersey and having been a journalist here, my memory of news about unions in the Garden and Empire States is that of headlines concerning the indictment and sentencing of various union chiefs and their underlings.

The alignment between unions and the Mafia is so well known it has been the subject of movies such as On the Waterfront, The Godfather, Goodfellas, and Casino. To this day the rumor persists that Jimmy Hoffa is buried somewhere between the goalposts of Giants stadium in the Meadowlands.

As events unfold in the very progressive capital of Wisconsin, Madison, the public is being treated to the way unions have very nearly always functioned. Intimidation has been their stock in trade with campaign contributions running a close second. We are watching an epic battle between Wisconsin voters and entrenched, self-serving unions.  Read More

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The inflation disaster is near

February 23, 2011
By Lee DeCovnick

Five dollar a gallon gas will shatter the Federal Reserve's tightly constrained lid on inflation and accelerate the other half our long anticipated "double dip" recession. Gas and diesel powers America's 141 million cars, 100 million pickups and SUV's, 8.8 million heavy trucks and 6.7 million motorcycles. Oil runs our harvesters, delivers our groceries, cooks our food, heats our houses, propels our jets, fuels our M-1A1 Abrams tanks, and lubricates our bicycles. American business can only absorb a few percentage points increase in oil prices before passing on their additional distribution costs to the consumer. Already the increases in food and clothing prices have been felt at the cash register. Disposable income will inevitably drop along with consumer demand for domestic cars and trucks, imported goods from China, and destination vacations to resorts in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. Don't even ask what this means to our already sluggish unemployment numbers.

So, how close are we to $5.00 a gallon gas? This photo was shot yesterday, February 22, 2011. We may look a back at these prices as the "good old days" of inexpensive energy costs.  Read More

Post Traumatic American Syndrome

***I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area (mostly Berkeley) for 30 yrs...through the 50s, 60s and early 70's.  All through the 50s Berkeley was a clean collegete beautiful town.  The 60s changed everything...Berkeley became a dirty town with bars on store windows...the atmosphere of innocence lost forever.

Post Traumatic American Syndrome

February 23, 2011
By Robin of Berkeley

I have noticed fewer people around town this past weekend. First I thought it was because of the Presidents Day holiday. Then I realized it was because anarchists were being bused into Wisconsin! More for them, and fewer for us!

The Midwest is getting a bit of a taste of Berkeley life. I'm guessing they are not liking it one bit. The violent, hostile vibe wouldn't sit well with decent Midwestern folks.

Of course, around Berkeley, riots are nothing new; there are street uprisings whenever the spirit moves people.

On Telegraph Avenue, the poor merchants have endured impromptu mayhem for decades. I say "poor" merchants for a reason: most of them are struggling, and, if you've visited the area recently, you'll find that a number of storekeepers have packed up and moved on.

When the infamous BART police shooting occurred a few years ago, there was lawlessness all over downtown Oakland. Cars were destroyed, stores ransacked and looted, and people were injured. Of course, many joined in who weren't motivated by righteous indignation, but by the promise of free jewelry and clothes.  Read More

The Taxpayer’s Civil War

A showdown over the nature of government itself

February 22, 2011
Daniel Greenfield

The protests in Wisconsin represent a split in American politics. Not a split between Republicans and Democrats, but between those who believe that the government should continue expanding, and those who see the continued expansion of governments as the greatest threat to their political and economic freedoms. This is not just a debate over budgets, it is a battle over political power, and it is the country’s most fundamental split since the Civil War.

The combination of abuses of power by an out of touch liberal party, an economic recession and growing insecurity about America’s future have touched off something that is more than a taxpayer’s revolt. Instead it’s turning into a showdown over the nature of government itself.

Money is the engine of government. Tax revenues are meant to to fund the operations of government only through the decisions of elected officials. Which is why public officials who want to expand the size and scope of government need an electoral base of support. That electorate is created using wealth redistribution. Taxpayer money is siphoned off to a redistributive electorate, which delivers mass votes and campaign contributions. There’s no way to halt the expansion of government, without taking on the redistributive electorate.  Read More

Gulf Oil Disaster's Hidden Devastation

Full devastating effects of Gulf oil disaster could take a decade to emerge

February 23, 2011
By Jonathan Benson

(NaturalNews) The full extent of the damage caused by the BP oil disaster last April may not become apparent for at least another decade, says Samantha Joye, a professor in the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Georgia. Contrary to claims made by BP's compensation fund that the Gulf will fully recover by 2012, Joye says that 2012 will more than likely mark the point at which some of the more serious Gulf damage begins to come to light.

Under healthy conditions, multitudes of organisms and microorganisms populate the Gulf seafloor and provide oxygenation for sediment and food for other species. These creatures, which play a vital role in the aquatic food chain, were largely devastated by the oil disaster, though the issue has not been addressed. In time, this hidden devastation throughout the entire aquatic ecosystem will become apparent, and the end result will not be pretty.  Read More

Oil prices continue to rise at a rapid pace

5 Dollar Gas? Get Ready To Pay An Arm And A Leg For Gasoline

The Economic Collapse
February 23, 2011

One of the quickest ways to bring down the U.S. economy would be to dramatically increase the price of oil. Oil is the lifeblood of our economic system. Without it, our entire economy would come to a grinding halt. Almost every type of economic activity in this country depends on oil, and even a small rise in the price of oil can have a dramatic impact on economic growth.  That is why so many economists are incredibly alarmed about what is happening in the Middle East right now.  The revolution in Libya caused the price of WTI crude to soar more than 7 dollars on Tuesday alone.  It closed at $93.57 on Tuesday and Brent crude actually hit $108.57 a barrel before settling back to $105.78 at the end of the day.  Some analysts are warning that we could even see 5 dollar gas in the United States by the end of the year if rioting spreads to other oil producing nations such as Saudi Arabia.  With the Middle East in such a state of chaos right now it is hard to know exactly what is going to happen, but almost everyone agrees that if oil prices continue to rise at a rapid pace over the next several months it is going to have a devastating impact on economic growth all over the globe.  Read More

Obama: Polarization brings redistributive change

The Battle for Wisconsin is the Battle for the Future of America

February 23 2011
By Matthew Vadum

Contrary to what the Left says, it is not a sign of mental disturbance to believe that President Obama is deliberately fomenting crises in order to advance his radical agenda. I might even argue that it is a form of denial to fail to recognize that the Community-Organizer-in-Chief’s deliberate, exquisitely calculated, ongoing campaign to sow discord and chaos is part of a larger strategy. Crises, as Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton remind us, present opportunities that should not be wasted.

There is no conspiracy because to my mind that implies that the plan is hidden. It is not. The evidence is there for anyone who cares to look. There is a plan to smash America’s longstanding institutions and render the U.S. Constitution meaningless and it comes from Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward, Frances Fox Piven and from others in a rogue’s gallery of liberty-hating revolutionary activists and thinkers. Not every aspect of the plan is clear-cut and not all radicals agree on every aspect of it but there is no denying that there has been a meeting of the minds on the hard Left for the last 50 or so years. They know that the kind of change they want will not come organically, not in America with its wonderfully anti-authoritarian cultural biases. As Che Guevara remarked, “The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.”
Read More

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How The US Government Forged A Surveillance Society
February 22, 2011
by Tom DeWeese

On September 12, 2001, President George W. Bush invited members of Congress and the media for a meeting in the cabinet room of the White House. The mood was understandably anxious, somber: The World Trade Center lay in rubble, the Pentagon had a hole gouged into it and shock and awe had settled over the United States. One of the most extraordinary periods of American history – what would come to be known as the “Post 9-11 Era” – was beginning.

The president gravely laid out the situation and the steps his administration would take to secure the homeland, but during the course of the meeting he also made this significant declaration: “We will not allow this enemy to win the war by changing our way of life or restricting our freedoms.”

Those were heroic words of principle and patriotism in a traumatic time, but history would show that government’s reaction to the terrorist threat was the exact opposite than the protection of freedoms. Instead, government rushed in with a massive plan to create a surveillance society, intending to watch and document every action by the American people as a means of ultimate security.

First, Congress passed the Patriot Act, giving law enforcement powers to circumvent many Constitutional guarantees to personal privacy and home security. Then Congress created the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The department immediately became an army of more than 170,000 employees by combining twenty two existing federal agencies, including the

Border Patrol, Coast Guard, Secret Service, FEMA, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Customs Service, Animal and Plant Health Inspection, Federal Protective Service, FBI’s Computer Incident Response Center and several more lesser agencies of the same type. In the middle of this rush for security, Congress created the Transportation Security Agency (TSA). Also born in this Post 9/11 era were state fusion centers with the intention of combining federal, state and local law enforcement agencies into instant response teams, intending to eliminate bureaucratic overlap and red tape, in case of another terrorist attack or Hurricane Katrina-type disasters.

Finally, Congress passed the REAL ID Act, promoted as an attempt to standardize the process and format for creation of all state drivers’ licenses to achieve increased security. Proponents argued that, under REAL ID, we will know that anyone carrying a drivers’ license is legal in this country and therefore not a threat.

What most Americans do not know is that the blue print for REAL ID did not originate in the United States, but in the backrooms of a United Nations organization called the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). That organization is tasked with the goal of creating a once-size fits all international identification system using massive data banks that contain individual biometric information on nearly everyone in the world. Biometrics is defined as measurement of the body. One might correctly think of fingerprinting, iris scans and facial recognition as biometrics.  Read More

Barack Hussein Alinsky

It's All So Obvious

Patrick J. Buchanan

As a large and furious demonstration was under way outside and inside the Capitol in Madison last week, Barack Obama invited in a TV camera crew from Milwaukee and proceeded to fan the flames.

Dropping the mask of The Great Compromiser, Obama reverted to his role as South Chicago community organizer, charging Gov. Scott Walker and the Wisconsin legislature with an “assault on unions.”

As the late Saul Alinsky admonished in his “Rules for Radicals,” “the community organizer … must first rub raw the resentments of the people; fan the latent hostilities to the point of overt expression.”

After Obama goaded the demonstrators, the protests swelled. All 14 Democratic state senators fled to Illinois to paralyze the upper chamber by denying it a quorum. Teachers went on strike, left kids in the classroom and came to Madison. Schools shut down.

Jesse Jackson arrived. The White House political machine went into overdrive to sustain the crowds in Madison and other capitals and use street pressure to break governments seeking to peel back the pay, perks, privileges and power of public employee unions that are the taxpayer-subsidized armies of the Democratic Party.

Marin County millionairess Nancy Pelosi, doing a poor imitation of Emma Goldman, announced, “I stand in solidarity with the Wisconsin workers fighting for their rights, especially for all the students and young people leading the charge.”

Is this not the same lady who called Tea Partiers “un-American” for “drowning out opposing views”? Is not drowning out opposing views exactly what those scores of thousands are doing in Madison, banging drums inside the state Capitol?  Read More

Rush: All that’s going wrong in America

Posted by The Right Scoop on Feb 22, 2011

Rush: Literalville ain’t lookin so good right now

"Rush gives a very realistic view of  and in the world as it relates to America. It’s rather eye opening to hear him enumerate from a big picture perspective what he sees as some of our biggest problems. Talk about a dose of reality. But not only is it that, but it is also a stark reminder of why we must win in 2012 and get these nasty Democrats out of power."

To Listen

Rush to Democrats: America doesn’t want what you have to offer

"Rush delivers a great monologue just after a grumbly caller had accused him of not participating in this joint sacrifice. Rush tells the Democrats that America has rejected liberalism and then proceeds to expose the lie that Democrats hide behind, that they are actually siding with the rich and powerful while claiming to be on the side of the little people. This is why they are so upset about Wisconsin, because they may lose their power structure that exploits the little people to keep themselves elected. They don’t want people to be able to voluntarily join a union, they want people enslaved to the union so they can continue to enslave America with their liberal ideas."

To Listen 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Scott Walker talks about his fight with the unions

"Gov. Scott Walker as he talks about the reasoning behind why he is now in the fight of Wisconsin’s life, trying to free people from the stronghold of the unions.

As Wisconsin Goes…

The showdown in Madison represents a tipping point in national politics

February 21 2011
by Rich Trzupek

The clash between the state’s teachers union and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker raged on through the weekend, with both sides digging in their heels. Madison has become the symbolic focal point of a national conflict between conservatives who want to reduce the size and expense of government and leftists who want to retain all of the tools necessary to continue the expansion of big government into the future. Thus, Wisconsin’s capital increasingly seems be turning into America’s ideological battleground, as troops and leaders from both sides pour into the city. The longer it goes on, the more is at stake for taxpayers and government employees throughout America.  Read More

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photos From the Front…Most Americans have not forgotten you. God Bless!

May God bless and protect.

U.S. Marines from the First Battalion Eighth Marines Alpha Company patrol through the town of Kunjak in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province, February 20, 2011. (REUTERS/Finbarr O’Reilly)

A US Marine from 2nd Batallion, 1st Marines Regiment talks to a child during a patrol in Gamser on February 20, 2011. There are around 140,000 international troops, two-thirds of them from the United States in Afghanistan fighting the militant Islamist Taliban. (AFP PHOTO / ADEK BERRY

A U.S. Marine from the First Battalion Eighth Marines Alpha Company negotiates a muddy slope during a patrol through the town of Kunjak in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province February 19, 2011. (REUTERS/Finbarr O’Reilly)

An Afghan policeman (L) patrols with U.S. Marines from the First Battalion Eighth Marines Alpha Company through the town of Kunjak in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province February 19, 2011. (REUTERS/Finbarr O’Reilly)

A disabled boy walks towards a US Marines 2nd Batallion, 1st Marines Regiment as the take action after finding a Rocket-propelled Grenade (RPG) during a patrol at a market in Gamser, southern Afghanistan on February 19, 2011. There are around 140,000 international troops, two-thirds of them from the United States in Afghanistan fighting the militant Islamist Taliban insurgents. (AFP PHOTO / ADEK BERRY)

US Marines 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines Regiment members and Afghan National Police (back) secure the area after finding a Rocket-propelled Grenade (RPG) during a patrol in Garmser, Southern Afghanistan on February 19, 2011. There are around 140,000 international troops, two-thirds of them from the United States in Afghanistan fighting the militant Islamist Taliban insurgents. (AFP PHOTO / ADEK BERRY)

A U.S. Marine from the First Battalion Eighth Marines Alpha Company patrols through the town of Nabuk in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province, February 18, 2011. (REUTERS/Finbarr O’Reilly)

Marines from the First Battalion Eighth Marines Alpha Company watch a video on a computer in their living quarters at an outpost in Kunjak in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province, February 18, 2011. (REUTERS/Finbarr O’Reilly)

Posted by ZIP on Sunday, February 20, 2011

Israel: White House not reliable

Israeli MK: We Can No Longer Rely on the White House, Obama Doesn’t Lead, He Follows…

February 20, 2011

Israel can no longer rely on the White House and must trust only itself due to a lack of leadership on the part of President Obama, declared a Knesset member from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party.

“We have to understand that if, God forbid, we will be in the case of trouble, we can trust only ourselves because we see a lack of leadership coming from the U.S. today,” said Likud Knesset Member Danny Danon.

“And we should be worried about it, because we always think, well, we have a friend in the White House, we can call them when we are in need, and we see that is not the case,” said Danon, the deputy speaker of Israel’s parliament.

Danon was speaking in an interview with reporter Aaron Klein in the latter’s investigative program on New York’s WABC Radio.

The Israeli politician took the occasion to slam Obama’s treatment of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Following weeks of unrest targeting Mubarak’s regime, Obama called for the U.S. ally to allow for the immediate transition to democracy, leading to Mubarak’s resignation.

“We don’t see a leadership role of the American president and actually they (the Obama administration) are following what is happening in the Middle East. On the one hand, they support Mubarak; the next day they are against him.”

Danon added, “Frankly speaking, unfortunately we see a lack of leadership coming from Washington. They don’t actually take decisions. They follow, and they look at the news and then they deliver statements to the media.”  Read More

Obama's Political Machine "Mobilizing On The Ground In Wisconsin"

Are There Traitors in Wisconsin, and is Obama Among Them?

February 18, 2011
By Sharon Rondeau

The Politico is reporting that Obama’s campaign organization, Organizing for America, issued a statement late yesterday which said that it “is mobilizing on the ground in Wisconsin to defend the rights of public employees from an attempt by the governor to take away their right to organize.” While Politico did not provide a link to the quoted statement from Organizing for America, The Post & Email has located it here.

Organizing for America is urging visitors to its site to “Join the Fight” and gives an email address for contacting “your local organizer.” An article linked on Organizing for America states, “Organizing for America is mobilizing on the ground in Wisconsin to defend the rights of public employees from an attempt by the governor to take away their right to organize.”

One writer has asked, “Is it legal for a president to lobby a state legislature?”

This writer is asking, “Is it legal or constitutional for Obama’s Organizing for America to plan ‘similar protests in other state capitals’”?  Read More

Violation of states’ rights and the Constitution

Obama Wants Control Over Each State AND the Country – What State’s Rights? What Constitution?

Violation of states’ rights and the Constitution
by Jerry McConnell

This country is becoming one big pot for our usurper president and imminent dictator. He shows his ignorance and unfamiliarity with the United States Constitution when he starts telling state Governors how to run their provinces which THEY were duly elected to govern.

This man who stole his way into the highest office in this land is either the most brazen, or the most stupid, or perhaps equal parts of each, iconoclast or rule breaker.

His position and statements against the elected authority of the Governor of the State of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, are a violation of states’ rights and the Constitution and are absolutely out of order; a brazen attempt to coddle labor unions as payback for the many millions of dollars of their members’ dues money that they used to get this charlatan elected in 2008.

Unions have outlived their usefulness and have become rotten and corrupt to the core by stealing the dues money their members pay for their illicit activities not the least of which is currying favor with highly elected officials in return for favorable assistance from those officials to gain added advantages in the union workplace through strong-arm and illegal tactics.  Read More

The US Constitution is being intentionally destroyed

Final Days of the USA: Destruction by Engineered Crises

February 19, 2011
By Nick Howard

The US Constitution is being intentionally destroyed along with the United States’ currency, economy, and the liberty of its people. This is generally being accomplished through the manipulations of our own national leadership elite along with an elite international cartel. You may very well recognize the Players.

The New World Order Plot
Here is the Helicopter View of 6 forces pushing for World Government (WG). The US, the US Constitution, and the American People are all that prevent the implementation of a WG and therefore all three must be destroyed.  Read More

Herman Cain rallies tea party in Madison

Breitbart: America will be community organized no more!

Sophomoric behavior on the floor of the House of Representatives

Disgusted Allen West: "I have never seen a greater assembly of petulance and sophomoric behavior!"

After serving over a month in Congress, Representative Allen West, a Tea Party favorite is less than impressed with democrats from the other side of the aisle.

February 18, 2011
Posted by: cubachi

He wrote his sentiments in a press release. After watching the week of debates on the fiscal problems the nation is facing, lack of jobs, and a huge deficit, he claims that he never heard such empty rhetoric and ineptitude as he has heard from democrats.

Although he is pleased with being granted the opportunity to have the debate, he sees a lack of clarity from democrats on the failure of their policies. He even went after democrats for creating the Greece-like atmosphere in Wisconsin.  Read More

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Obama Hoisted by Own Petard on Israeli-Palestinian Front

Obama now is left with a major wreckage of his Mideast diplomacy.

February 19, 2011
By Leo Rennert

From the start of his administration, President Obama demonstrated his animus against a Likud-led government by pouncing on Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank and on new housing for Jews in East Jerusalem. He abdicated the U.S. role as an honest broker, tilting the scales against the Jewish state. It was bound to backfire.

And backfire it did -- big-time -- as Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas rejected personal Obama pleas not to push for a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction and demanding a building freeze for Jews in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Obama vainly begged Abbas to support instead a watered-down "statement" rejecting the legitimacy of settlements. Abbas, however, wouldn't play.
Read More

The movie Iranium...their apocalyptic mindset

Iran's Ticking Time Bomb 

February 19, 2011
By Mladen Andrijasevic

After years of silence finally we see Iran's intentions exposed to the American audience. The movie Iranium is now being shown all around the US.

Two days in a row Fox News had broadcasted programs about Iran. On Thursday there was Glenn Beck with Who Is the 12th Imam? and last night Sean Hannity with Iran's Ticking Time Bomb on the documentary Iranium.

In Iranium Bernard Lewis says:

What makes this particularly alarming is the whole question of nuclear weapons. During the Cold War both the United States and the Soviet Union had nuclear weapons. That they did not use them, and they knew they we not going to use them, because of what we used to call at that time MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction. Each side knew that if they used nuclear weapons the others would respond in kind and this would obliterate everybody.

With these people, with their apocalyptic mindset, mutual assured destruction is not a deterrent, it is an inducement.  Read More 

Budget Wars: Have We Lost My Mom's America?

"What has become of "that America", where right is right and wrong is wrong; where good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior is punished?"

February 19, 2011
Lloyd Marcus

When we were living in an east Baltimore ghetto, my mom, a black woman, cried upon hearing Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were getting a divorce. My parents, four younger siblings and I loved watching the Andy Griffith show.

"I Love Lucy" and "The Andy Griffith Show" represented something good and wholesome; a sense of right and wrong. Andy (Sheriff Taylor) was my hero. He always knew when to sternly enforce the law and when to grant a little grace.

What has become of "that America", where right is right and wrong is wrong; where good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior is punished?

We did not have any of this "Cultural and Moral Relativism" intellectual mumbo jumbo nonsense which is really code for "get out of my way and let me do evil".

A young intern gave the married U.S. president oral sex and was rewarded with instant celebrity, millions of dollars in income and even her own television show. As for the president on the receiving end, he left with a big smile on his face, and the liberal media and his sycophants said, "Hey, "any" man given the same opportunity would have accepted the young woman's pleasuring".

Black rapper, Kanye West made an irresponsible, divisive and outrageous statement on national TV. West said federal relief for victims of hurricane Katrina was slow because "President Bush hates black people". A few days later, West received a music award and guest star appearances on several TV shows.

A more serious situation has arose to reveal how far we have or have not strayed from the core values and sense of right and wrong of days gone by.   Read More

A secret taxpayer funded “backdoor bailout”

The Wall Street Pentagon Papers: Biggest Scam In World History Exposed: Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Too Big To Comprehend?

"Yes. The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves. The original copy of the Constitution spontaneously burst into flames. The ghost of Tom Paine went running, stark raving mad screaming through the halls of Congress."

The Public Record
Dec 10th, 2010
By David DeGraw

What if the greatest scam ever perpetrated was blatantly exposed, and the US media didn’t cover it? Does that mean the scam could keep going? That’s what we are about to find out.

I understand the importance of the new WikiLeaks documents. However, we must not let them distract us from the new information the Federal Reserve was forced to release. Even if WikiLeaks reveals documents from inside a large American bank, as huge as that could be, it will most likely pale in comparison to what we just found out from the one-time peek we got into the inner-workings of the Federal Reserve. This is the Wall Street equivalent of the Pentagon Papers.

I’ve written many reports detailing the crimes of Wall Street during this crisis. The level of fraud, from top to bottom, has been staggering. The lack of accountability and the complete disregard for the rule of law have made me and many of my colleagues extremely cynical and jaded when it comes to new evidence to pile on top of the mountain that we have already gathered. But we must not let our cynicism cloud our vision on the details within this new information.

Just when I thought the banksters couldn’t possibly shock me anymore… they did.

We were finally granted the honor and privilege of finding out the specifics, a limited one-time Federal Reserve view, of a secret taxpayer funded “backdoor bailout” by a small group of unelected bankers. This data release reveals “emergency lending programs” that doled out $12.3 TRILLION in taxpayer money – $3.3 trillion in liquidity, $9 trillion in “other financial arrangements.”

Wait, what? Did you say $12.3 TRILLION tax dollars were thrown around in secrecy by unelected bankers… and Congress didn’t know any of the details?

Yes. The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves. The original copy of the Constitution spontaneously burst into flames. The ghost of Tom Paine went running, stark raving mad screaming through the halls of Congress.  Read More

War between international socialist labor unions and the taxpayers

Without labor unions, there is no democrat party
February 18, 2011
By J.B. Williams

Democrats and their labor unions have painted themselves into a corner that they will not be able to escape. Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and other states are about to eliminate public sector unions and collective bargaining rights for state employees and not a moment too soon.

The assembly votes are coming down party lines and the reason is glaringly obvious. Without labor unions and the billions they pour into the Democrat Party, there will be NO Democrat Party.

Iceland, Greece, the EU nations and even the Middle East are in some stage of economic meltdown, all of it due to public sector over-spending mostly caused by the collective thuggery of international socialist labor unions. America is no exception, with most states considering the bankruptcy option to get out from under unsustainable public sector union contracts and unfunded pensions.  Read More

Try the "No Funding Government" Approach...Pull the Plug

Towery: Shut Down the Government

"That would mean that in early March, the federal government would no longer have funding. What a wonderful, liberating feeling that would be! Imagine a week or two of no federal government -- save the military and other essential services. No mindless work at the Department of Education. No new administrative edicts at the Environmental Protection Agency. The list could go on and on."

February 18, 2011
By Matt Towery

It sounds harsh and cruel, but U.S. House Speaker John Boehner’s threat to shut down all but essential federal government services if the Democrats on Capitol Hill can’t actually reign in spending is not only the fiscally responsible approach, it is also one that would be popular with the public.

Enough with the gamesmanship of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the silliness of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. It’s time for Republicans to let America know that the GOP means business — cut the budget deeply, or shut her down!
Read More

Financial Implosion on a Global Scale.

6 Charts Which Prove That Central Banks All Over The Globe Are Recklessly Printing Money

February 19, 2011
The Economic Collaspe
If the U.S. dollar is being devalued so rapidly, then why does it sometimes increase in value against other global currencies? Well, it is because everybody is recklessly printing money now. The 6 charts which you are about to see below prove this. The truth is that it is not just the U.S. Federal Reserve which has been printing money like there is no tomorrow. Out of control money printing has also been happening in the UK, in the EU, in Japan, in China and in India. There are times when one particular global currency will fall faster than the others, but the reality is that they are all being rapidly devalued. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for a global economic nightmare.
Read More

Missing in Action...AWOL Wisconsin State Senators

Alex Jones: Globalist Manipulation Of Mass Protests

The Bigger Picture 

Russia Today
Feb 19, 2011

The protests that have rocked the Middle East have found their way to the Midwest, as problems from a bad global economy has sparked these demonstrations. Radio Host Alex Jones believes the economic situation has been orchestrated by the New World Order and that the fury in the streets is being used to roll in another layer to the police state.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spineless Republicans reject an additional $22 billion in budget cuts

Levin furious at weak Republican leadership

Feb 18, 2011
Posted by The Right Scoop

Today an amendment to cut an additional 22 billion across-the-board failed with Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy siding with Democrats, along with 97 other Republicans. Levin says that this was a huge vote and can’t figure out why Republicans who say they are all about cutting can’t follow through. The excuses ranged from “across-the-board cuts are lazy members way to achieve something” to “this goes too far!”

Levin is furious:  To Listen

Debt, Debt, Debt – 15 Facts About U.S. Government Finances That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

If your family started spending nearly twice as much as it brought in every single year, how long do you think it would be before your family was completely and totally broke? Well, that is essentially what the federal government is doing. The U.S. government is so deep in debt at this point that it is hard to even try to describe it. Where do you even begin? Trying to put the vastness of U.S. government debt into words is kind of like trying to describe a great work of art by Michelangelo to a blind person. This year the U.S. government is going to go 1.645 trillion more dollars into debt. How can one possibly accurately convey just how large that amount of money really is? If you went out today and started spending one dollar every single second, it would take you over 31,000 years to spend one trillion dollars. Who can even comprehend such an amount? The U.S. government has mismanaged our finances so badly that it is hard to believe. We have sold our children and our grandchildren into perpetual debt slavery and not that many people really seem very upset about it. It is as if most of the nation is in a massive state of denial.  Read More

Apocalypse Now: Wisconsin vs. Big Labor

"As Wisconsin goes, so goes the nation"

Feb 18th, 2011
by Michelle Malkin

Welcome to the reckoning. We have met the fiscal apocalypse, and it is smack dab in the middle of the heartland. As Wisconsin goes, so goes the nation. Let us pray it does not go the way of the decrepit welfare states of the European Union.

The lowdown: State government workers in the Badger State pay piddling amounts for generous taxpayer-subsidized health benefits. Faced with a $3.6 billion budget hole and a state constitutional ban on running a deficit, new GOP Gov. Scott Walker wants public unions to pony up a little more. He has proposed raising the public employee share of health insurance premiums from less than 5 percent to 12.4 percent. He is also pushing for state workers to cover half of their pension contributions. To spare taxpayers the soaring costs of Byzantine union-negotiated work rules, he would rein in Big Labor’s collective bargaining power to cover only wages unless approved at the ballot box.

As the free-market MacIver Institute in Wisconsin points out, the benefits concessions Walker is asking public union workers to make would still maintain their health insurance contribution rates at the second-lowest among Midwest states for family coverage. Moreover, a new analysis by benefits think tank HCTrends shows that the new rate “would also be less than the employee contributions required at 85 percent of large Milwaukee-area employers.” Read More

George Soros: ‘President Obama Has Lost Control’

The Blaze
February 18, 2011
by  Meredith Jessup

In a pre-recorded interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria set to air Sunday morning, investment billionaire George Soros accuses President Barack Obama of having “lost control” of the national economy and criticizes the Democratic president for allowing Republicans to set the national agenda.

Furthermore, Soros goes on to predict that Obama‘s policy shortcomings will have a negative impact on the nation’s economic recovery and accuses the GOP of mixing economic and ideological priorities at the expense of the American worker.

They are going to pursue a very strong effort to cut services by refusing to have any tax increases. I think this agenda will be successful. But it will be pursued, I think, to an extent where it’s more directed at cutting services and achieving the ideological purposes of the Republicans rather than to get the economy going. So I think this will have a negative effect on the economy.  Watch Video

Netanyahu: Change isn’t always a good thing

Boehner rips Obama for meddling in Wisconsin

"Lest there was any doubt that this showdown has been fully nationalized, this should finish it off."

February 18, 2011
by Allahpundit

“The President of the United States has a unique opportunity and responsibility to lead this nation. President Obama has acknowledged the challenges we face, but – thus far – he has done nothing to offer solutions. Now, worse, his political organization is colluding with special-interest allies across the country to demagogue reform-minded governors who are making the tough choices that the President is avoiding.

“This is not the way to begin an ‘adult conversation’ about solutions to the big challenges facing our country. Rather than inciting protests against those who speak honestly about the challenges we face, the President and his advisers should lead.

“When the American people watched the people of Greece take to the streets to protest cuts to unsustainable government programs, they worried it might foreshadow events in our nation’s distant future – but today, we see the same sort of protests on the streets of Madison, fueled by President Obama’s own political machine.  Read More