Saturday, April 23, 2011

Will It Be Goodbye for John Boehner?

"Americans are tired of the rhetoric and games from Republicans and Democrats. It is time to put our house in order, or to change the team in charge."

April 23, 2011

By Floyd Brown

John Boehner will be writing his own political obituary if he capitulates again to Barack Obama and raises the debt ceiling of the U.S. government.

Boehner says he wants to cut spending, but he will be exposed as a liar if he increases the debts currently smothering our economy. This issue is very clear, and Americans understand this crisis because so many of us have faced similar financial difficulties ourselves. We know what it means to have spent more than we can afford.

America cannot continue to feast on an orgy of credit and spending. Easy money given to the political establishment is the cause of the current crisis. George Bush spent more money than was prudent or necessary, and Barack Obama has doubled down. The debts are greater than $14 trillion. How much debt will be enough?

The scare-mongering by the media and power elites should be ignored. If we don’t extend the debt ceiling, America need not default on current debts. Quite the opposite is true. If we continue to increase our debts we are moving minute by minute closer to a future default. No debtor improves his situation by increasing borrowing.  Read More

Donald Trump Breaks Through the MSM Iron Curtain

"Trump has shown that direct confrontation with Obama is the best way forward in 2012"

April 23, 2011

By Fred Dardick

Billionaire Donald Trump may be a publicity junkie and questionable presidential material. Athough who am I to say, just look at what we got right now—but he makes for one awesome Obama attack dog. With the self assurance that only money, power and celebrity can buy, Trump has been knocking down the walls the main stream media have erected around the President to expose parts of his background that liberals would prefer never see the light of day.

Trump has raised the issue regarding Obama’s birth certificate from conspiracy theory to legitimate topic of conversation. Finally someone has destroyed the false MSM narrative that a “Certification of Live Birth” and a birth certificate are the same thing.

Last week Trump raised the stakes by attacking Obama over his real estate dealings with convicted Chicago slumlord Tony Rezko. While MSM reporters have been happily reporting the Trump birther issue, something they believe most Americans will just laugh away, they have not spent anywhere near the same energy publicizing Obama’s connections to Rezko, a story that could really hurt Obama should it become common knowledge.  Read More

1st Graders Taught the “Boycott Big Business” Song for Earth Day

“Don’t buy those plastic products on the supermarket shelf. Boycott, petition, let the big business know.”

April 23, 2011
By Jim Hoft
Gateway Pundit

Helen Caldicott Talks About the Horror of Fukushima

"Australian physician, author, and anti-nuclear advocate Helen Caldicott talks about the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe and what we can expect. It ain’t pretty."

April 23, 2011