Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gvernment has perverted the Constitution to allow itself to garnish our wages in what it calls “taxation.”

Met the Enemy_POGO

June 5, 2013

Conservative economist and intellectual Walter Williams’ recent article pulls no punches. The brilliant author pithily explains how our government has perverted the Constitution to allow itself to garnish our wages in what it calls “taxation.”

In what amounts to a “body slam” of the last 100 years of American tax law, he shows the principal problem America has faced over the last century is completely self-inflicted. What would most Americans think if they knew that our Founding Father’s feared the creation of an institution like the IRS?

What would most Americans think if they realized that for more than half of our nation’s life, the income tax was unconstitutional?Met the Enemy_POGO

We lay blame at the feet of the IRS or of other power hungry politicized government agencies like the NEA, the NLRB, and the EPA … but it’s not their fault.

These organizations were created by Congress – and Congress acts on behalf of the will of the people. It’s our fault, America. We deserve the IRS, because we have elected the Congress that gives it its power.

The comic strip “Pogo” comes to mind: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Benghazi, Mon Amour

And the horse you rode in on
June 5, 2013

Just when you think the farce that goes by the name of the Obama White House couldn’t descend any lower, along comes this:

In a move sure to provoke congressional Republicans, President Obama is nominating embattled U.N. Ambassador Susan E. Rice Wednesday to serve as his national security adviser.

The White House also confirmed that Mr. Obama is nominating former aide Samantha Power, who once referred to Hillary Rodham Clinton as a “monster” in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary, to succeed Ms. Rice as U.N. ambassador.

For those of you scoring at home, that’s not one, not two but three flips of the Obama bird to Congress, the American people and his erstwhile secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. Let’s start at the top.  Read More

‘Everything Is Up for Grabs’: Beck Explains Why World War III Could Be on the Horizon

 Glenn Beck Outlines Potential Road to World War III on TheBlaze TV

June 4, 2013

Glenn Beck dedicated the entire hour of his television program Tuesday to the follow-up of what he says got him into “so much trouble” during the so-called Arab Spring: a chalkboard that predicted the protests would cascade, and that radicals would work with Islamists overturn stability.

On Tuesday, Beck told his audience where he believes the road will now lead: World War III.

“The one thing that always gets me in trouble is usually I am way ahead of the game, and I have no perception of time,” Beck said. “I see things on a flat wall. They are coming, but it won’t be tomorrow.”

He added: “I hope with everything in me that I’m wrong, but the pattern of history is incredibly consistent…Everything is up for grabs in the world, and the rush for power is on.”

Beck argued that there are currently three dominant groups:

‘The Caliphate’: “It is the stated goal of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and many far left Islamists to re-establish the Caliphate, the Ottoman Empire, or the global Islamic state,” Beck said, playing video of Islamist leaders across the globe saying just that.

But, he added, this group is divided between Sunni and Shia Muslims. While Sunni Muslims — who dominate much of post-Arab Spring North Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brotherhood — aim to implement an Islamic state, Beck said the radical Shiites who wield influence in places like Iran, Assad’s Syria, and Pakistan are more focused on hastening the return of the twelfth imam. They believe he will only appear when the world is drowned in blood and chaos, so they aim to create those conditions.

“But either way, they both [believe] they control the entire world in the end,” Beck said.

‘The Controllers’: “Whether they are communists, socialists, fascists, progressives, Fabian socialists, bankers, Bilderbergs, Nazis, drug lords, Mayor Bloomberg… ” Beck stated. “[This is] anyone who wants either wants power in their own little fiefdom, or wants to control the planet through the United Nations or whatever. Anyone who wants a slice of that ‘control’ pie.”

He put countries like Russia, China, and North Korea in the “control” category.

‘Those That Just Want to Survive’: But throughout the world, most people aren’t thinking in terms of global domination, Beck said. Most people just want to live their lives, or, depending on where they live, just want enough food and water to get by. Beck put about 90% of the world into this category.

“That, unfortunately, this is the group that loses in the end, because this group is always forced to choose between stuff and sacrifice,” Beck said. “They have to choose sides eventually.” Read More