Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mark Levin: Obama is a serious revolutionary who believes this country is built on a foundation of evil

May 29, 2014

Mark Levin really knows how to put this administration into perspective like no one else I’ve heard, and it’s because he knows exactly who they are. After listening to Obama’s speech yesterday at West Point, Levin went into a great monologue talking about who Obama really is what he believes in relation to this country. It’s fantastic.

NOTE: Below the audio is a partial transcript, but there’s even more in the audio clip so I urge you to listen to the entire clip.


I listened to Obama’s speech today at West Point and I thought to myself this man hasn’t learned a damn thing from being president. He hasn’t learned a damn thing about evil. He hans’t learned a damn thing about the greatness, indeed the righteousness of this country. He hasn’t learned a damn thing about our enemies.

He is committed to unilaterally disarming this country. He is committed to weakening this country because he’s been indoctrinated and he believes, not that this country is exceptional, but this country is built on a foundation of evil. I honestly believe this. Otherwise why would he conduct himself the way that he does?

He believes that this nation has been colonialist. He believes this nation has been treacherous to minorities all over the world, not to mention in our own country.

He believes that America needs to “change” — and I don’t mean change for the better. I mean that our constitutional system, he believes is inadequate for the objectives that he seeks.

Here at home he’s been a complete and utter disaster and many, many millions of people are suffering as a result and many, many millions more will suffer as a result.

He is serious, this president, his followers, in and out of the government, they are serious revolutionaries. I don’t care if they wear ties and jackets. I don’t care if they wear newly pressed dresses. It doesn’t matter. That’s who they are.

Obama doesn’t care if the VA runs properly or not. He’s busy building monuments to his ideology. That’s what Obamacare is all about. And all the rest of it.

He doesn’t care if there are illegal aliens. Why would he care? His whole goal is to transform the country. So he wants foreigners, from the third world in particular, to pour into the country…

He’s not looking at the United States as a nation state. He’s bigger than the United States. He’s Barack Obama! He transcends the borders! He transcends this country! That’s what’s going on.