Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sarah Palin Nails Her Target
Sarah Palin Nails Her Target – Blasts Obama at Reagan Ranch Center
Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, February 5, 2011

There’s something about Sarah.

No wonder they hate her. Sarah Palin absolutely dismantled the president and his failing big government policies in her speech last night at the Reagan Ranch Center. It was a beautiful thing.
Reuters reported:

Republican Sarah Palin said on Friday an explosion of government spending and debt under President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats had put the United States on “the road to ruin.”

In a tribute to former President Ronald Reagan, the potential 2012 White House contender said leaders in Washington had lost sight of the values that made Reagan a Republican icon and a hero to conservatives — a belief in limited government, low taxes and personal freedoms.

“This is not the road to national greatness, it is the road to ruin,” Palin said of the growth in government spending, budget deficits, joblessness and housing foreclosures under Obama. “The federal government is spending too much, borrowing too much, growing and controlling too much,” she said.

Palin said Obama had revived the era of big government, and she ridiculed the infrastructure spending and investment he outlined in his recent State of the Union speech.

“The only thing these investments will get us is a bullet train to bankruptcy,”

Sarah Palin was at her best last night.

EPA to Regulate Dairy Milk Spills as per Oil Spills

February 5, 2011
by Jazz Shaw

No, it’s not a headline from The Onion. It appears to be real. The Wall Street Journal editorial board provides the details:

Two weeks ago, the Environmental Protection Agency finalized a rule that subjects dairy producers to the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure program, which was created in 1970 to prevent oil discharges in navigable waters or near shorelines. Naturally, it usually applies to oil and natural gas outfits. But the EPA has discovered that milk contains “a percentage of animal fat, which is a non-petroleum oil,” as the agency put it in the Federal Register.

In other words, the EPA thinks the next blowout may happen in rural Vermont or Wisconsin. Other dangerous pollution risks that somehow haven’t made it onto the EPA docket include leaks from maple sugar taps and the vapors at Badger State breweries.

Thank God the EPA has finally stepped in and realized the critical milk spill dangers which have been plaguing this nation since its inception. Fortunately for many of our younger readers, you don’t recall how it was in the bad old days before the EPA came into its full powers. Why, in our day, my own mother used to feed us hot dogs that were boiled in water rather than being cooked on an open flame. And – prepare yourselves – she would dump the hot dog water right down the sink.  Read More

Obama Regime's Cynical Exploitation and Callous Indifference

"It is either a case of abject ignorance or a deliberate attempt to find out how naive and ignorant the American people are."

February 05, 2011
Steve McCann

It has become more difficult as each day dawns to listen to the ramblings coming out of Washington D.C. It is either a case of abject ignorance or a deliberate attempt to find out how naive and ignorant the American people are. In the case of Obama it is a combination of both in the case of the Federal Reserve it is the latter.

Today President Obama announced that U.S. business leaders had an obligation, yes an obligation, to the country to hire more workers, pay better wages and keep jobs in the country. He is now calling on American companies to see themselves as partners with the government saying: "That government and businesses have a mutual responsibilities; and that if we fulfill these obligations together, it benefits us all."

Yet, according to the actions of Obama and the Democrats, the obligations are solely those of American business.

There is no word coming out of the White House on any plan to: tackle the massive government deficit and debts; eliminate tens of thousands of pages of regulations; abandon new carbon controls; repeal of ObamaCare; significantly reduce the highest corporate taxes in the world. Those issues simply move forward while the businesses Obama expects to fulfill his new edict compete with the rest of the world with an anchor (all the above) attached.  Read More

Obama eagerly promoting Islamic power in the world

Obama Well Knows What Chaos He Has Unleashed

February 05, 2011
By Victor Sharpe

Not content with creating havoc in the U.S. economy, setting Americans against each other, and forcing through a health reform act which has nothing to do with health but everything to do with the redistribution of wealth and an immense increase in governmental interference, our president has now opened a Pandora's Box in the Middle East. It may well usher in a catastrophe not seen since World War 2.

From his notorious Cairo speech to the present, President Obama speaks, and disaster follows. Some commentators believe that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are so utterly naïve as to make themselves unable to understand what will happen in Egypt as a result of their undermining of the Mubarak regime.

The question is justifiably asked: Do they truly believe that the next regime that comes to power will have the interests of the U.S. and the West at heart?

My fear is that Obama is not naïve at all, but he instead knows only too well what he is doing, for he is eagerly promoting Islamic power in the world while diminishing the West and Israel, however much innocent blood will flow as a result.

Inevitably, sooner or later, the Muslim Brotherhood will take power, usher in a barbaric Islamist power in Egypt that will control the Suez Canal, and show no mercy to its own people or its perceived foes.

So now we see what the present incumbent in the White House has wrought, and so can our few remaining allies. They must now wonder what confidence they can ever have in any future alliance with the United States.  Read More

The Great Global Debt Prison

"Our economy, our culture, our entire world, is built upon debt."

By Giordano Bruno
Neithercorp Press – 2/4/2011

Tense and terrible times inevitably summon an odd coupling of two very different and difficult human conditions; honesty, and brutality. Certain painful truths are revealed, and often, a palpable fury erupts. Being that times today are particularly tense, and on the verge of being spectacularly terrible, perhaps we should embrace both conditions in a constructive manner, and become brutally honest with ourselves. This begins by admitting to that which most ails us. It begins by admitting how far we have fallen…

Our economy, our culture, our entire world, is built upon debt. No one ever asked us if that’s how we wanted it, it is simply how the system was designed when we came into it. Many of us have lived our entire lives under the assumption that debt is a necessary function of daily commerce and a valuable driver of successful society. Most households in America operate at a steep loss, trapped in constantly building cycles of liability and interest. There are even widely held schools of economic thought that are centered completely on the production and utilization of nothing but debt. Only recently have many people begun to ask themselves what the tangible benefits are (if any) in being dependent on debt based finance.

After careful examination, it becomes evident that debt does not fuel economy, it suffocates it. It does not nurture growth, it stunts and poisons it. Extreme debt is not a fundamental organ in a body of commerce; it is an aberration, a spreading cancer which disrupts the circulation of healthy trade. Debt is, in large part, unnecessary.  Read More