Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Court-Martial Obama for High Treason

March 20, 2012
Eliana Benador, Right Side News

This is the most heart-wrenching article I am writing so far, and although I have enormous research done for it, I am going to write from my heart and from my soul, trying to remind my readers, those American patriots that still do not want to understand that reality is hitting us with a perversity and cruelty that we never imagined, and that unless you actually understand that immediate action is needed and expected from all of you, this period in the life of our country, will be nothing compared to what is in store for us, unless we at least try to stir our fate back to the path where Exceptional America was heading before the tide came taking us with those whose target is hell.

If you go anywhere in the United States to visit a city for the first time and you ask for directions to go somewhere, it’s difficult to find any “locals” who actually know where is the next pharmacy or grocery store, even if it may be around their corner. Most likely, you will find that people don’t even care if you are getting closer or further from your destination. That’s called indifference. And, in the America we knew, that was unacceptable. That cannot continue. We must re-learn to care. We must re-learn to live.

The same lack of interest and carelessness, has been evident to elect our presidents, because whether it has been the Bush or the Obama election, little did Americans want to know about these men. And, we are seeing the results. Read More