Monday, January 17, 2011

Chuck Baldwin: Restoring The Republic

Chuck Baldwin: Solutions For Ending The New World Order Assault on America

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, January 17, 2011

Chuck Baldwin ran in 2008 as the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate, he’s also a pastor, writer and radio talk show host. Baldwin breaks down the left-right paradigm and how the globalists are in control of both major political parties. Baldwin also discusses solutions and actions the American people can take to reverse the new world order’s criminal agenda and restore our Republic.

Baldwin says we have more to fear from Washington DC than we do from Tehran or from Afghanistan, pointing to a program that seeks to recruit pastors as martial law pacifiers for FEMA in the event of a national emergency. Baldwin relates how a pastor from Ohio who attended a FEMA training seminar confirmed to him that there is a program to enlist pastors and clergymen to be part of clergy response teams, the primary goal of which would be to use the clergymen to encourage their constituents to submit to following government orders upon declaration of martial law, including the confiscation of firearms.
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Mass Animal Deaths Continue: Hundreds Of Cows, Seals Found Dead

Isolated cases or something more alarming?

Steve Watson
Jan 17, 2011

Concerns over mass animal deaths continue to mount with the news that around 200 cows have mysteriously been found dead in Wisconsin, as well as hundreds of seals washing ashore dead in Labrador, Canada.

The cows were reportedly killed by a mystery infection, with officials still unable to identify the exact cause after samples were sent to laboratories in Madison for analysis.

According to reports, the owner of the cattle told sheriff’s deputies he suspects the cows succumbed to IBR (infectious bovine rhinotracheitis) or BVD (bovine virus diarrhea). Both diseases can cause respiratory and reproductive problems.

In a separate case, residents on the north coast of Labrador have reported seeing large numbers of dead seals washing up on beaches.   Read More

Obama’s State of The Union Address: Explanations Needed

Published by carallel on January 16, 2011 in World Politics

Top heavy government gets a raise while other U.S. citizens near poverty level.

It would be nice if to hear Obama explain what happened to the motto, “We are all in this together,” when he makes his State of the Union Address.

How can he justify requiring seniors to maintain expensive private insurance, while at the same time denying a cost of living raise?

It would also be nice to know . . .

Why he flatly denies a raise in Social Security while at the same time increasing the pay rates for federal workers, apologetically given because it wasn’t a higher amount?

If only he would explain the rationale behind incurring the above insurance requirement along with no pay raise in social security when so many elderly are only living at $4,000 a year over poverty level?

Compare this to a zero raise for elderly citizens whose median income is $14,000 a year.  Read More

Obama's Solar Nightmare

January 17, 2011
Obama's Solar Nightmare
By Ed Lasky

Democrats have been busy the last two years, and not just reengineering the healthcare industry, restructuring the auto sector, assaulting Wall Street and the financial sector, harming our public finances. They have also been trying to transform America's energy industry at our expense. This is Barack Obama at his worst -- picking losers and winners by personal whim, donations for dollars deals, and ideological zeal.

Who have been the losers and who have been the winners? And have the winners just been taking the taxpayers for a ride while their guy has been driving the bus -- with taxpayers sitting in the back?

The Obama administration has tried to kill off the oil industry. Offshore moratoriums have been unilaterally imposed by executive orders and justified using scientific panel studies that were misrepresented-if not distorted- by the administration. The drilling permitting process has been afflicted with sclerosis. Federal lands are becoming less and less available for development.  Read More

What Obama Has Said about His Own Birth

January 17, 2011

What Obama Has Said about His Own Birth
By Jack Cashill

While Democrat Congressman Frank Pallone read the "natural born Citizen" clause of the U.S. Constitution on the House floor last Thursday, a spirited female in the audience shouted out, "Except Obama! Except Obama! Help us, Jesus!"

Later that day, NBC's Brian Williams improbably chose to assign blame for the woman's outburst on newly elected House speaker John Boehner. "How much responsibility do you feel?" Williams asked pointedly.

"The state of Hawaii has said Obama was born there," said Boehner, who is no more intimate with the "Birther" movement than Williams himself. "That was good enough for me."

The person Williams should have been asking about "responsibility" is the president. Obama's conspicuous fabrications over the years have caused even the sober among us to doubt his origins story.  Read More

A Study in Deception: Border Fence Plans Were All About Amnesty

Sunday, 16 January 2011 15:05 Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report

In February of 2007 I attended a conference on the Secure Border Initiative held in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Speaking from the floor, I asked a group of panelists why this virtual fence system design wasn't taking into consideration the Secure Fence Act of 2006.

It seemed to me that if a double-layered fence were built on the border, what need would there be for an electronic fence? The panelists were unable to answer the question.

Some years later I arrived at the answer independently: The virtual fence was never intended to work together with the real fence because George W. Bush never intended to build the real fence. And, for that matter, the virtual fence system itself was never designed to work.  Read More

In Defense of Clear Thinking

Butler Shaffer
How To Think Clearly – About the Criminal State

"The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools." ~ Herbert Spencer

My academic life in college was largely spent studying what were then referred to as the “liberal arts.” History, geography, economics, philosophy, art, literature, music, psychology, and the genuine sciences, were among the various subject areas we considered essential to becoming mature, self-directed, learned individuals. We also studied one or more foreign languages, not simply to help us navigate our trips to other lands, but to provide us with the perspective that there are other people on the planet who think, live, and speak differently from us.

This approach to learning helped to provide us with the means of thinking clearly, rationally, and logically; to help us understand causal relationships in analyzing the interconnected and unpredictable complexities of our world; to distinguish fact from fantasy, and transcendent truths from fashionable opinion; all for the purpose of living as responsible individuals pursuing our respective self-interests with others.  Read More

Fears Of A Tyrannical Judiciary

Jim Delaney
Have The Founders’ Fears Of A Tyrannical Judiciary Come To Pass?

Especially since 1895, the federal judiciary’s role has shifted from that of ensuring “constitutional supremacy” to that of “judicial supremacy,” surely, an irreconcilable role shift which must be remedied.

Originally tasked with reviewing federal and state laws to ensure comportment with the Constitution, it has become disturbingly clear that the federal judiciary has dramatically strayed from its constitutional role envisioned by the founders.

Without question, this foundational shift has dramatically altered the balance of power between the states and people on one side and the central government on the other, a carefully crafted balance which the framers had intended as a permanent and essential arrangement. As a result, the scope and power of the judiciary and, in turn, that of Congress and of the Executive Branch, have profoundly expanded well beyond the limits intended by the framers.  Read More

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