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Nine Perversions of Multiculturalism

Our unique American culture has led us to be the freest, wealthiest, most benevolently powerful nation that this world has ever seen. This is NOT due to cultural diversity, but to the contrary, this was due to our founding principles and concept of "the American melting pot".

Freedom from religious persecution is one of our founding principles. Of course religious freedom is part of the American culture. However, a moral and religious people is required for self governance. ...garyganu's blog

October 5, 2010
Michael Novak

The fraudulence of much that currently masquerades under the name "multiculturalism" results from gross perversions of what, in 1972, I called the new ethnicity. Multiculturalism is a profound betrayal of the fundamental principles of the new ethnicity. In the current culture wars on campus, however, an explicit indictment of the perversions of multiculturalism may be useful.

1. Anti-Americanism. Since it regards the West (at least its white males) as imperialistic, and America as the most advanced face of the West, multiculturalism expresses hostility to American traditions and institutions, while glorifying non-Western cultures, especially those inimical to America.

2. Victimology. Multiculturalism tends to divide the world into a privileged set of victims and their alleged oppressors, through the lens of a loose and vulgar Marxism. This Marxism is cultural rather than economic.

3. Ego-boosting. The aim of multiculturalism is to boost "self-esteem" at the expense, if necessary, of facts.

4. Evasion. The assumption of multiculturalism is that its selected favorites cannot meet universal standards because of the evil actions of others; therefore, multiculturalism regards honest inquiry as pointless. It further pretends that its privileged groups are innocent. Having no awareness of "original sin," it is merciless toward others.

5. Tactical Relativism. Multiculturalism pretends to be "nonjudgmental," hiding behind the myth of moral equivalence, while it is in fact based upon harsh judgments about good and evil (and the oppressed and their oppressors).

6. Censorship. Since it regards inquiry as useless, criticism as malevolent, intellect as impotent, and reason as nothing more than a servant of power, multiculturalism protects its wishes through speech codes, the banning of books, and the shouting down of opposing voices.

7. Groupthink. Blind to the complex relations of individuals to the communities that nurture them, multiculturalism approaches people only as members of groups and, afraid of the creativity of dissenting individuals, imposes thought control by humiliating dissidents in public, and encourages its partisans to look to each other before speaking out.

8. Egalityranny. In the name of "equality" wrongly understood, multiculturalism focuses on groups, group outcomes, and group statistical profiles -- in ways destructive of individual aspiration and achievement. Equality falsely construed (as uniformity) can scarcely be imposed upon the blooming, buzzing abundance of individual vitality -- except through despotic methods.

9. Double standards. Multiculturalism is constituted by double standards. Multiculturalism basks in the supposition that there are no universal standards by which individuals and cultures may be judged.

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British Prime Minister Lashes Out At Multiculturalism

'Multiculturalism' Under Fire in Europe, Blamed for Extremism by British BP

By Jim Angle
Published February 07, 2011

British Prime Minister David Cameron has lashed out at multiculturalism, the second time a European leaders has done so recently. Following on the heels of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Cameron implored the West to confront extremism now.

Cameron said last weekend that letting different cultural groups -- especially Muslims -- exist in separate communities divides the nation and is not only wrong but dangerous.

“We have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives,” the center-right Cameron stated, “apart from each other and apart from the mainstream.”

Cameron's concern is that separatism allows young people to be lured into extremism, saying "the biggest threat that we face comes from terrorist attacks, some of which are, sadly, carried out by our own citizens."

One leading authority on transatlantic relations says this mentality is a “fundamental rejection” of a widespread doctrine that has failed across Britain and Europe the past two decades.

"Islamic extremists have exploited this doctrine to advance their own anti-British agenda," explains Nile Gardiner of the Heritage Foundation.  Read More

Sarah Palin and the Liberal Psyche

Sarah Palin and the Liberal Psyche
Posted by The Right Scoop on Feb 7, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood Has Only One Strain, An Islamic Supremacist Virus

Big Lie in Bill O’Reilly’s Obama Interview: The Muslim Brotherhood Has Only One Strain, An Islamic Supremacist Virus

Posted on February 7 2011
by Joseph Klein

Bill O’Reilly conducted a live pre-Super Bowl interview yesterday of President Obama from the White House on Fox. Given the time constraints and the protocols governing respect for the office of the President, O’Reilly’s tone was more constrained than usual, but he still managed to elicit some disturbing insights into Obama’s thinking.

For example, President Obama told O’Reilly that he’s not terribly concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. After all, according to Obama, who invited members of the Muslim Brotherhood to attend his own speech in Cairo in June 2009 and who has invited the president of a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islamic organization in America to the White House for Ramadan dinners, only certain “strains” of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology ”are against the U.S.” and the Muslim Brotherhood is only “one faction in Egypt.”

That’s like saying that there are only certain strains of a dangerous virus that will kill us immediately as opposed to causing a long painful illness. Could Obama be hoping for something in his Obamacare legislation that will provide a cure?  Read More