Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The word is out there – President Obama is in real trouble.

White House Insider: "President Obama is lost. Absolutely lost." Read more:

"I do not know if the country can survive another four years of Barack Obama, and frankly, I want nothing to do with helping us find out. The man is an incompetent. The man is a tool of the extreme far left that has utterly corrupted the Democratic Party. The man and those now closest to him in the administration appear to abhor America’s history. They detest anyone who does not fully subscribe to their positions. They are corrupt, they are increasingly paranoid, and they are taking this country down a path by which we may never recover."

White House Insider on Upcoming "White House Scandal" posted on New Zeal 10-17-10

New Zeal
October 27, 2010

White House Insider on Upcoming "White House Scandal"

In September I posted an excerpt from the article, "White House Insider On Obama: The President Is Losing It". Since this interview was published, nine other interviews with this "White House Insider" have been published. Note that because both the interviewer and the insider have remained anonymous, we cannot be certain that these interviews have not been fabricated. However read through them for yourself and see what you think.

White House Insider Interviews:  Read More

A Sad, Scary Scenario...Humankind is lost and walking in darkness