Monday, June 17, 2013

Why Edward Snowden Prism Whistleblower Did What He Did ON THE RECORD From HONG KONG

Edward Snowden's best interview including why he chose Hong Kong

NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake: NDAA Lawsuit Update from Feb 2013

"Executive Power Coming Home To Roost...
Military Authority as Rule of Law will absolutely turn the Constitution on it's head"

Feb 2013

The False Excuse of National Security

June 17, 2013
By Jonathon Moseley

Fighting terrorism? Don't be a chump. Excuses usually trade on something very important and genuine. But what is truly important can be abused, precisely because it should impress us. Government tries to fool us with phony excuses to do whatever officials and bureaucrats want to do.

The NSA, et al., failed to detect the Tsarnaev brothers -- even after being tipped off by Russia -- before the Boston Marathon bombing. FBI agents actually investigated the Tsarnaev family in detail. Russia's tip would justify continuing, specific search warrants and phone taps. Yet the NSA and FBI never saw the bumbling brothers coming. They were not exactly James Bonds. Yet they weren't detected. Read More