Monday, February 21, 2011

Scott Walker talks about his fight with the unions

"Gov. Scott Walker as he talks about the reasoning behind why he is now in the fight of Wisconsin’s life, trying to free people from the stronghold of the unions.

As Wisconsin Goes…

The showdown in Madison represents a tipping point in national politics

February 21 2011
by Rich Trzupek

The clash between the state’s teachers union and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker raged on through the weekend, with both sides digging in their heels. Madison has become the symbolic focal point of a national conflict between conservatives who want to reduce the size and expense of government and leftists who want to retain all of the tools necessary to continue the expansion of big government into the future. Thus, Wisconsin’s capital increasingly seems be turning into America’s ideological battleground, as troops and leaders from both sides pour into the city. The longer it goes on, the more is at stake for taxpayers and government employees throughout America.  Read More