Thursday, January 20, 2011

Donald Trump Knocks State Dinner

As Washington returns to normalcy after the pomp and circumstance of Wednesday's state dinner, businessman — and perennial "maybe" presidential candidate — Donald Trump isn't happy about the night's festivities.

He called in to "Fox & Friends" and unleashed.

"For us to be holding state dinners for people who are just totally manipulating their currency ... is hard to believe," said Trump. "You don't give dinners to the enemy and that's what they're doing."

If it were up to a President Trump? "I woud say, 'Get off your plane, come to my office and let's talk.'" (Trump has made China the subject of many criticisms of late).

If that didn't go so well, Trump had a back-up plan: "I would have sent them to McDonalds if we didn't make a deal and say, 'Go home.' The fact is they're laughing at our leadership and we're letting them get away with murder.