Saturday, January 8, 2011

Local News...Add police patrols — West Maui residents

MPD officials hear concerns over drugs, vagrants, speeding
January 8, 2011 - By LILA FUJIMOTO, Staff Writer

LAHAINA - Raising concerns about drugs, derelicts and speeding on Front Street and in other areas, West Maui residents Thursday asked Maui Police Chief Gary Yabuta for additional officers and more police presence in the community.

"From the Jodo Mission to Mala is like a safe zone for druggies," said Lahaina resident Paul Laub. "They steal things. They harass people. It's a free zone."

Donna Soares, general manager of the Wharf Cinema Complex, cited nuisance problems with drunken and disorderly people, including some who urinate in Banyan Tree Park.

In 25 years, "this is the worst I've ever seen," she said.

A woman who works at the Lahaina Public Library said a "new influx of derelicts" has resulted in people using the library lanai as a bathroom, as well as drug use at adjacent Library Park.

"There's nothing worse than reading story time to a 3rd-grade class and smelling all the drugs coming in," she said. "We really do need help."  Read More