Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Obama's foot remains on the gas pedal

"As a matter of basic logic, how could the biggest deficit-spender in American history reverse course and become a responsible fiscal hawk?"

Posted by therightscoop on Jan 26, 2011
Levin: Obama is still the one he’s been waiting for
Levin writes this morning his insightful analysis of Obama and his SOTU speech. Bottom line is that Obama hasn’t changed one bit even though the political world is talking as though he has:

"President Obama’s foot remains where it has been since the day he entered the Oval Office, on the gas pedal. He’s not braking for anyone or anything. All this pre-SOTU spin from Obama’s whisperers, gobbled up by the Obama-hungry media, was always nonsense. Obama has no intention of touching entitlements in any significant way, period. Why would he tamper with the New Deal and Great Society when he considers them a good start but insufficiently bold to advance his statist beliefs? Obama has no intention of honestly working with Republicans on health care, cap-and-trade, etc. These are hallmarks of his transformative agenda. They define him and his presidency. His bureaucracy is working overtime to institute them."
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