Saturday, January 15, 2011

The State of the Union

Brasscheck TV

From the Desk of Harold Poole ...News with Attitude

Assassination attempt on Saturday…

Pep rally with newly made commemorative t-shirst on Wednesday.

Who says the Bushbama administration can’t get things done?

And what about Ms. Palin?

She QUIT her job as Governor of Alaska and is now the star of a reality TV show…and yet news commentators can’t get enough of her opinion on current events.

Meanwhile, the price of gas and food heads up relentlessly – but there’s no inflation.

Real unemployment is well north of 15% and without any hope of improvement – but it’s not a Depression.

Sounds like the last days of a Banana Republic to me.

While the news media spins endless nonsense, here’s a bulletin from the world of reality that’s eventually going to bring everyone back to earth.

From our friends at Real Econ TV …..