Monday, February 14, 2011

Integrity Or A Missing Birth Certificate

Frosty Wooldridge

For the past week, Denver, Colorado radio talk show host Peter Boyles, and his crack producer Greg Hollenback,, interviewed top journalists and historians on the ramifications of Barack Obama investing $2.5 million to conceal his long-form birth certificate and other records.

A ‘long-form birth certificate’ constitutes the only valid form of an American’s birth and foundation for citizenship. Yet, Obama and his cadre of lawyers will not allow it to be presented in order to silence all Americans concerned about his qualifications to remain president of the United States. Additionally, his lawyers conceal his high school, college, social security and draft registration records. Anything else?

Additionally, Boyles discovered that Obama’s mother never married his father and never lived with him contrary to his books, Dreams From My Father and Audacity of Hope. Obama congers a story proven to be fictitious by historians on Boyles’ show. Nonetheless, true to form, your Main Stream Media will not touch the issue. In fact, squashes it at every juncture!

If any president will not willingly offer proof of U.S. citizenship, what does this convey about withholding truth. If authorities ask for your birth certificate to run for any political office, will you produce it? Congratulations! You’re an American and proud of it! You validate the U.S. Constitution that allows all citizens the ‘right’ to run for public office and serve our nation. We call this rule-of-law, which maintains the bedrock of our civilization.  Read More