Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ceiling Our Fate

"Many say we are "going" off a cliff;  I say we've gone."

August 2, 2011
By Kirk W. Kelsen
American Thinker

Just either side of the contentious debt limit vote in the House on Friday, the United States Congress addressed among its most footling duties: naming and opening new post offices in Mississippi and New York. Were anyone in Washington to think on it, scheduling authorization for a bankrupt federal agency's new baubles even as 3,500 of its other offices are closed made perhaps not the best bookends for the intervening historic legislation. But circumstance being what they are, it does make a nice précis: government spending relentlessly and automatically continues, no matter what's going on.

There is a nascent meme out there portraying Tea Partiers as raging infants (video) demanding ridiculous solutions. Conversely, the eminently respectable Rep. Paul Ryan and author Prof. Thomas Sowell make convincing points about grabbing success where it lies and fighting another day. The Tea Partiers, they say, can't change 80 years of inexorable spending in one Act of Congress alone. No doubt true.  Read More