Monday, September 19, 2011

Neithercorp Flashback: Sons Of Darkness, Sons Of Light

September 19, 2011
By Brandon Smith

"For those of you who have been following my work since 2007, the name Neithercorp is easily recognizable, and brings back (at least for me) very fond memories. is where Josh Ogden and I began our fight against mainstream disinfo on the web. It is where we learned the intricacies of information excavation and dissemination. It is where the roots of the Alternative Market Project began. So that we do not forget our foundations, and so that newer readers can view some of our older work, I will occasionally post articles and videos from the Neithercorp archives. The first, of course, has to be Sons Of Darkness, Sons Of Light, a short film meant to be a part of a longer series (which I hope we will one day be able to finish). The first episode delves into the psychological and philosophical world of Collectivists. Collectivism as an institution and its manipulation by elitists is the source of nearly every political and social ill in history, and hopefully, this film explains clearly why. It features the incredible video design of Josh Ogden, and the voice of yours truly. Enjoy..."