Sunday, January 29, 2012

A warning to America from the future

"No-o-o, go back! Don't come down this road!"

January 29, 2012
By Steve McCann
American Thinker

In Europe, there has been over the past two years a seismic shift in the opinion of the American president, who was once thought of as an agent for "hope and change" (something many in Europe could not explain either). I have often written about the opinion many in Europe have of Barack Obama.

Yesterday one of my favorite columnists, Janet Daley, who writes for The Telegraph in Great Britain, penned an outstanding article clearly calling out Barack Obama for who he is and what he is doing. The title of the piece: "Barack Obama is Trying to Make The US a More Socialist State."

From the column:

Listening to the President's State of the Union message last week was like a surreal visit to our own recent past: there were almost word for word all those interminable Gordon Brown Budgets that preached "fairness" while listing endless ways in which central government would intervene in every form of economic activity.
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