Monday, March 19, 2012

Is the CBO Engaged in Partisan Manipulation of Data?

March 19, 2012
ACGR's "News with Attitude"

Economist Lan T. Pham says she was fired from the Congressional Budget Office for “producing work at odds with Wall Street research favored by her supervisors,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

In a letter written to Sen. Charles Grassley, Ms. Pham says that the CBO, which is supposed to be a nonpartisan and objective institution, consistently pressured her to suppress certain information that might be disadvantageous to the Obama Administration and its fundraising allies on Wall Street.

“I was repeatedly pressured by the CBO Assistant Director, Deborah Lucas, in charge of the Financial Analysis Division to not write nor discuss issues in the banking sector and mortgage markets that might suggest weakness in these sectors and their consequences on the economy and households.”

Specifically, Ms. Pham says that the CBO gave her and others explicit instructions as to what they could and could not report on to keep the Obama Administration in the most favorable economic light: Read More