Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Obama and the 'Gravity of War'

March 7, 2012
By Ed Lasky

Barack Obama held a news conference yesterday to counterprogram against the GOP's Super Tuesday contest. It was one of his rare news conferences of late, as he has avoided them and preferred using direct means to communicate with his fans if not the rest of the American people. At one point, Obama dismissed criticism of his rather feckless approach towards Iran by maligning Republicans. According to Obama, there is still " a window of opportunity where this can still be solved diplomatically" and when Republicans attack him for being too weak, that's only because they "don't understand the gravity of war."

Really, Mr. President? Really?

Senator John McCain, who has been a hawk regarding Libya, Syria and has been a leading force in trying to compel Iran to give up its nuclear weapons program, was a Vietnam prisoner of war who was tortured during his years of captivity and still cannot lift up his arms over his head because of his life-long injuries. His father was a legendary Admiral, and his North Vietnamese captors offered to release him as a public relations move. He refused because he felt the honorable path to follow was to stay with his men, thereby subjecting himself to more torture.

Senator Mark Kirk, who has led the way in trying sanctions to force Iran to give up its nuclear program (his latest effort was the Kirk-Menendez amendment to the military authorization bill that would have allowed the President to sanction companies doing business with Iran's Central Bank), volunteered to join the Navy and has been an intelligence officer since 1989. He was recalled to active duty in Operation Allied Force to help in the bombing of Yugoslavia. He also flew numerous times over Iraq as part of Operation Northern Watch. He has also served in multiple deployments in Afghanistan, with his latest concluding just a few months ago. He has been in the forefront, both as a Congressman and as a Senator, in seeking to tighten the screws on Iran -- efforts that have apparently "earned" him multiple snubs from the Commander-in-Chief.

I think both of these men quite well understand the gravity of war far more seriously than a man who served at Occidental College, Columbia University and then Harvard Law (and associated with left-wing ideologues all his adult life, as opposed to having friendships with men and women who put their lives on the line for their nation).

Barack Obama has such respect for the military that he does not know how to pronounced "corpsman" (the teleprompter programmers must have forgotten to phonetically print this word), gets the name of a Medal of Honor recipient wrong and confuses him with a dead man and decided (yet again) to play golf on Memorial Day -- the holiday that honors our men and women of the military who have fallen . He seems to have a serial problem with appreciating or even understanding Memorial Day. For example, in 2008, he gave a campaign speech in New Mexico on Memorial Day and had this to say: Read More