Friday, March 2, 2012

Sheriff Arpaio's Posse Surprise


March 2, 2012
By Cindy Simpson
American Thinker

The Tea Party members of Surprise, Arizona, were likely not surprised to learn that even America's Toughest Sheriff cannot fully break the shroud of secrecy and mystery surrounding Obama's long-form birth certificate. However, yesterday, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio proved once again that he didn't earn the moniker without reason.

As promised, Sheriff Arpaio held a press conference in Phoenix to announce the findings of his "Cold Case Posse." Organized last September at the request of the Surprise Tea Party members, the posse was assigned the primary task of verifying the authenticity of the copy of Obama's birth certificate released by the White House on April 27, 2011.

The stunning conclusion of the posse thus far: The document released by the White House is suspected to be a forgery, as is Obama's Selective Service card.

While not accusing Obama of any crime or wrongdoing, the posse revealed they have "probable cause" to believe that felonies have been committed -- fraud and forgery -- and asserted that those responsible should be brought to justice.

Headed by Michael Zullo, a retired police detective, and rounded out with two former law enforcement officers and two retired attorneys, the posse's work was entirely voluntary and operated at no cost to Maricopa County taxpayers.

At the press conference, Zullo explained that the posse examined numerous documents, interviewed many witnesses and experts, and obtained several sworn statements as part of its investigation. Zullo also presented a series of videos that explained and demonstrated in detail the key reasons for the posse's conclusions. In addition, Zullo revealed that his group has identified a "person of interest" in the alleged forgery. The posse did not, however, address the related question of Obama's eligibility as a "natural born" citizen under Article II of the Constitution.

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