Saturday, April 7, 2012

President Scofflaw

The old word "scofflaw" denotes not just a lawbreaker, but somebody who mocks the law.

April 7, 2012
By James Lewis

I've seen many debates about the war powers of the U.S. Congress, but I've never seen an American president openly laugh at the idea of seeking congressional approval for a major U.S. military assault on another country.
Obama did it with Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Kenya and tried it in Syria. But not in Iran.
Gaddafi is dead, Libya is a disaster, and no one has gotten any answers. Other than that contemptuous laugh. The media don't even dare to ask questions. They are afraid of retaliation.
I haven't seen an American president openly pressure the U.S. Supreme Court to protect his party's takeover of one-seventh of the American economy.
As Charles Krauthammer pointed out regarding the assertion of Federal jurisdiction made by Obama:

If [being born] ... means entering the market, Congress is omnipotent, authorized by the commerce clause to regulate "every human activity from cradle to grave." Read More