Tuesday, June 19, 2012

America's First Anarchist President

June 19, 2012
Amercan Thinker

President Obama's executive order suspending deportation of illegal immigrants shows that his legal principles (for lack of a better term since he seems devoid of any identifiable ones) and ideology suit him better to head the anarchist Occupy Wall Street movement than to be President of the United States.

Not long ago he said he lacked the legal authority for this unilateral act because of laws on the books. In one stroke of the pen, however, he showed he's not just a progressive tyrant and lawbreaker, but an anarchist too. He fits with the amorphous, confused, coercive, reactionary and largely lawless ideology of the #Occupy movement.

The inconsistency of his action versus his prior statement indicates that he simply doesn't care how he achieves his agenda. His vision of legal restraints is consistent with the anarchist Occupy philosophy, including, "[t]he refusal to accept the legitimacy of the existing legal order."  Read More