Saturday, January 22, 2011

Paradigm Shift: Our Nation’s Decline and Needed Remedy

"A paradigm shift is only achieved with many caveats. You see, the attitude of the American republic has shifted from self-determination to government reliance, victimization, and entitlements."

Paradigm Shift: Our Nation’s Decline and Needed Remedy
Saturday, 22 January 2011
Michael Adeleke

After the G-20 summit in South Korea, I found it appalling the media backlash both President Obama and the United States, as a whole, received. The chances that both the liberal and conservative media agreeing are as a fabled English Premier League commentator said, “few and far between.” .“Another chance has gone begging.” The United States is in decline. This is not a conservative or liberal opinion, this is a fact. Everything from education to the economy, from morals to income is decreasing at an alarming rate. But why? I truly believe America needs a paradigm shift.  Read More