Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Individualism Built America

February 01, 2011
Overachievers with Low Self-Esteem
By Tom Roberson

What happened to the rugged individualism that built America and sustained it through wars, depressions, and dark times? This individualism, made heroic by John Wayne, George Patton, and Ronald Reagan, wasn't afraid to stand up and say that something was nuttier than a Texas fruitcake. The mention of political correctness around those guys would get you an "are you serious?" look followed by an eye-narrowing, "somebody get a rope" look.

Now we've got a government that forces us to use detergents that won't clean, low-flow toilets that won't flush, pesticides and herbicides that don't kill, food with no taste, and light bulbs with bad light. They also want us to use unreliable and expensive energy such as solar, wind, and ethanol, while pretending that our vast coal, oil, and natural gas reserves don't really exist or are too dangerous for the environment. We're supposed to trust these idiots? "Green" has become a codeword for "useless" on product labels, warning consumers to look elsewhere if they need an effective product.

The first step in any 12-step program is to admit that you have a problem before you can continue on the path to recovery. In these politicians' egomaniacal and elitist minds, we are the ones unable to help ourselves, the ones who are dependent on their enlightened inspiration to lead us to safety.  Read More