Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Story of the Egyptian Revolution as told by and Egyptian Student

An Egyptian student tells a story very different than that most of you are seeing on television or reading in your papers.

February 02, 2011
The Story of the Egyptian Revolution
By Sam Tadros

Unless the author gives me permission to reveal his identity, I am not at liberty to disclose it. [Update: The author Sam Tadros has given his pemrission to publish his name]

Clarice Feldman


My apologies for the length of this article, but I see it as extremely important to tell the whole story as it happened.

The Story of the Egyptian Revolution

One week ago, Egypt was a stable authoritarian regime, prospects of change were minimal and every expert in Washington would have betted on the endurance of its regime. Today, Egypt is in a state of chaos. The regime, even after using its mightiest sword is not able to control the country and the streets of Egypt are in a state of utter lawlessness. As the world stands in awe, confusion, and worry at the unfolding events, perhaps it is important to write the evolving story that is happening in Egypt before any reflections can be made on them.

Contrary to pundits, it turns out that the Egyptian regime was neither stable nor secure.  Read More