Thursday, February 3, 2011

Levin blasts McCain: You’re a loser and a menace!

Posted by The Right Scoop
Feb 3, 2011 in Politics

Levin wrote this morning on his facebook:

John [McCain] was on Fox’s Greta show last night. In about three minutes’ time, he demanded Mubarak’s immediate resignation, adding fuel to that fire, he insulted the Pakistan army and gave credence to the jihadists’ accusation that Kiyani is our man, he gave encouragement to the protestors in Jordan, and he said a number of stupid things reinforcing the Muslim Brotherhood propaganda and strategy. So, force Mubarak out immediately in the midst of what looks like anarchy, replace him Suleiman, then have the U.S. do everything it can to stabilize the situation. Take down the governments in Jordan and Pakistan and replace them with, what?

Our nation is being led by ideologues and amateurs. That’s the real danger.

Tonight he ripped into McCain even more.  To Listen