Thursday, February 3, 2011

Obama's Driftwood Diplomacy

February 03, 2011
Driftwood Diplomacy
By Steve McCann

The demonstrations and the genuine possibility of a radical Islamic state eventuating in Egypt are in part the result of President Obama's foreign policy being reactive and not proactive. The United States has placed itself in an era of driftwood diplomacy.

It is often said that when a person has no core and in its place exists a muddled and uncertain belief system, he tends to float along from one crisis in life to another. It is far easier to simply drift along with the current and allow it to take you wherever it may go. These people will ultimately fail in any endeavor.

When the leadership of a great country exhibits these traits, the consequences can be catastrophic. Barack Obama, the product of a lifetime of leftist indoctrination, has as the basic foundation of his muddled and uncertain belief system a conviction that the United States has been the epitome of oppression and arrogance throughout its history.

Beyond that one tenet, Obama grudgingly accepts only crony capitalism, European-style socialism rather than rigid socialist theory, constricted freedom of speech and assembly, and a modified version of self-determination. All of these are anathema to the hardcore left whence he came, but they are also far from the central rights and liberties as determined by the nation's founders.  Read More