Friday, April 8, 2011

Fundraising Drive For

Simply a "heads up" for a person whose commentaries and effort I enjoy and support.

April 8, 2011
Neithercop Press

Times are tight for everyone. The economy is obviously a wreck, and things are only getting worse. Every penny counts, and we all have certainly felt compelled to keep a master level Kung Fu grip on our wallets. That said, today we are here to ask you to loosen that grip just a little, and help us build a better economy with you. That’s right, we need money to make the Alternative Market Project go viral…

Alt-Market is now moving into the advertising phase, in which we will be launching various ad campaigns on major websites. I will also be traveling as often as possible to liberty based conventions across the country to spread the word on barter networking, private trade, and sound money initiatives. We will soon be working with John Chamber’s of the Save America Foundation and Dr. Kirk Elliott of the Mcalvany Financial Company to provide valuable investment information to those who frequent our websites, as well as an excellent source for precious metals. This will bring in some revenues to help support Alt-Market, but the majority of funding will come from readers like you.

Our current goal is $5000 to begin advertising and to cover convention costs. If only half of the readers who frequent this site daily donated a mere $10 each, we could surpass this goal easily. We are also announcing our goal of 50,000 participants for the Alternative Market Project, or 1000 members per state. This may seem like a lofty aspiration, but I believe it could be met and then some with the right amount of advertising and word of mouth.

I don’t have to tell you, barter networking and localized commerce is of the utmost importance RIGHT NOW. Time appears to be running out, and we must work fast to make the Alternative Market Project a success before the year is over.

We will be making regular posts at and as to the progress of this Fundraising Drive, and we will also be giving you regular updates as to the progress of Alt-Market traffic and membership numbers.

If you just don’t have the savings to make a donation, we fully understand. Your participation at our websites is of great value. Your patronage gives us hope for the future, and you can’t put a price tag on that. If you can make a donation, we are ever grateful, and will ensure that your funding will go to good use. Donations can be made at the link below:

Thank you for your time and your support.

Brandon Smith (aka Giordano Bruno)