Wednesday, January 4, 2012

By His Fruits Ye Shall Know Him: Obama's Subversive Appointments


Get ready for censorship like America has never seen before.

January 4, 2012
By Jesse Weed

When President Obama made his initial cabinet appointments upon assuming the presidency, it looked as if the president had been, despite his history and associations with Wright, Ayers, Davis, et al., a moderate, left-leaning Democrat. His appointments were practically all ex-Clintonites.
In a 2008 Human Events article, "Obama's Cabinet So Far," Ross Kaminsky wrote that Obama's cabinet looked "like the third Clinton Administration." That soon began to change with Executive Office appointments, Regulatory Agency appointments, and appointments of czars and czarinas.
Thus began Obama's rule by judicial intimidation through the DOJ and by behavioral modification through the myriad of government agencies, from the EPA to the DoE. Behavioral modification by red tape has especially become the imprimatur of the Obama administration -- i.e., bypass congress and rule by regulatory edicts.
It has become increasingly evident that the original Clintonista appointments were just a smokescreen regarding what was to be Obama's stealth agenda. Subsequent appointments have revealed two persistent themes that that would be a hard sell outside the Beltway. To wit:
Transnationalism and Postconstitutionalism
Transnationalism is, in part, the theory/doctrine that the U.S. should subordinate its sovereignty to the U.N. in the interest of world comity. Policies which weaken national sovereignty such as open borders, rights of illegals, and the promotion of challenges to dominant religious and cultural institutions are consonant with transnationalist objectives.
Postconstitutionalsim (or, more commonly, non-originalism) is the theory/doctrine that the Constitution should be a "living" document adaptable to modern realities. Indeed, the Constitution should not be locked into the 18th-century mindset of the original framers.
The two doctrines dovetail nicely, and many of Obama's most influential appointees openly advocate the agenda of the twin sisters. They include: Read More