Friday, February 18, 2011

Christie Showing the Power of the Real New Tone

"Christie is not afraid to get in the face of our economy's key enemies"

February 18, 2011
By C. Edmund Wright

Move over President Bush. Step aside Karl Rove. There's a real "new tone" in town. Frankly -- unlike your misguided attempt, this new tone is actually effective. And conservative and Constitution conscious Americans across the land are cheering and collectively saying "about damned time!!"

And Washington got a dose of the new tone of Chris Christie up close Wednesday as the governor addressed a packed house at an American Enterprise Institute event (video here).

To be blunt, it's not the fact that Chris Christie's bold in-your-face demeanor is playing well that is surprising. What surprises those of us not living in the Washington-Manhattan-San Francisco bubble is that it took so long for someone to have the courage to embrace this attitude. This is what folks have been craving for the longest time. This should not have been some kind of deep dark secret. It is common sense. Then again, in Washington, common sense usually is a deep dark secret.
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