Friday, April 1, 2011

Why Obama Should Be Thrown Out In 2012

"Pray for our country and pray God will bring the right person to stand against him."

April 1, 2011
Dr. Laurie Roth

Let’s cut to the bottom line shall we? We have a man in the White House who revealed who he was and what he would do long before he was elected President. He had already demonstrated that he was a radical, leftist and what his change for America would be if we gave him power. The U.S. gave him power, now we are reaping the consequences and must have a bold and clear plan to get him out of office before he completely destroys our country.

Let’s look at what has inspired Obama and his socialist/communist behavior. Read his own books and that will tell you plenty about his own racism and belief in Colonial imperialism. In his book, Dreams from My Father, which most believe was penned by William Ayers and not Obama, he talks of his alleged Father an ‘anti-colonial’ activist, also named Barack Hussein Obama. He believed in classic redistribution of wealth. His idea was that any wealthy country could have only obtained their wealth by stealing from poor people so that justified taking their wealth by any means necessary and redistributing it. That is the clear philosophy of Father and son.  Read More